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Orientations have never been simpler
With HammerTech, online orientation is a simple, effective way to capture employer and personnel information before workers get on site. Save time through reduced paperwork and administration, making days on site less about paperwork and more about the project. 


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Why orientations with HammerTech give general contractors an advantage

1. Enroll

Make day one faster and know your workers have understood your company orientation and safety requirements 

  • Orientations are self-guided, available in any language, and include test questions that can be completed in advance of arriving at site.
  • This gives you time back to invest in face-to-face and tailored, project-specific briefings to support previous experience and more
  • Gone are the headaches associated with tracking certificates, licenses, and demographic information – all are securely stored and move with the workers from project to project in HammerTech 
Construction worker completing online enrollment on his mobile device through HammerTech's EHS platform. The image emphasizes the simplicity of digitized onboarding processes, speeding up the transition to productive work on the construction project.
Construction worker using his smartphone and QR code to securely sign in at the construction site via the HammerTech platform. This illustrates the use of digital tools for streamlined site access, enhancing overall operational efficiency and safety compliance.

2. Sign-In

Quick, touchless sign-ins for all workers using their own device, tablets or QR code for secure site access.  

  • Use the custom questionnaires and declarations like health questions to reduce COVID risk and meet site-specific requirements.
  • Integrate with HammerTech's sign-in app and other site hardware like turnstiles for more accurate labor hours that you can view by worker and trade partner.  

3. Attribute

Unlike most other orientation tools, HammerTech doesn’t stop at sign-on. We connect workers and their profiles to the processes and information they need to do their job.

  • For example, when your teams host tool-box talks, the meeting and reference materials like JHAs and SDSs are connected to the worker profile, and workers sign to confirm attendance.
  • Workers can access this information through their profile which better equips them to do their work, and you have insight and records into the who, what and when needed to effectively reduce and manage risk. 
Infographic showing various EHS terms such as 'Licenses', 'Permits', 'JHAs', 'Meetings', and 'Orientations' encircling a construction worker. This highlights HammerTech's comprehensive approach to safety and compliance management, facilitating a well-informed and secure working environment for workers.
Screenshot of HammerTech's reporting interface showcasing data on issues, injuries, incidents, and more. This image demonstrates the platform's robust data analytics capabilities, enabling contractors to monitor safety metrics, mitigate risks, and optimize performance in real time.

Rich data flowing into Power BI

Immediately access thousands of data points available from the HammerTech system with the reports we provide you. Use BI to track orientation-related activity to ensure you’re keeping teams safe, including:  

  • Personnel enrolled 
  • Orientations approved  
  • Training and qualifications 
  • Submittals like safety plans, SDSs, JHAs and more

Easy registrations at the click of a button

Online enrollments mean workers complete their own profile, including license information, reportable worker questions, and required personnel information, before they arrive on site. Site teams have everything they need to get to work faster and won't waste time delivering orientations, scanning licenses, etc. Online enrollments is enhanced by SMS and email verification processes.


  • Personnel enrollment including qualifications and licences and online orientation
  • Verification of mobile and email decreases the chance of fraud occurring
  • Reviewing information with the worker when conducting site onboarding still allows for face-to-face identification with team members
  • Ability to create company, region, project, role or trade specialty-specific online orientations that can be customized to meet business requirements
  • PowerPoint presentation uploads and single or multiple video uploads
  • Orientation questionnaires
  • Set and automatically track orientation timeline (i.e. annually)
  • Online orientations support several types of media including videos and slides, allow each project or region to ask review questions and include a pass rate and attempt limit for each worker.


  • Personnel details captured and online orientation completed prior to arriving on site
  • Quick verification that an individual has been orientated and has appropriate qualifications for tasks being undertaken
  • Avoid repetition of general orientation when workers move to a new project
  • Improve efficiency in onboarding that reduces downtime
  • Built-in questions test the worker’s retention rate and allows for retesting if the worker does not pass
  • Built-in security ensures the worker is completing their own orientation

One platform with everything safety you need to operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customizable platform allows you to digitize your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

Graphic showcasing HammerTech's EHS platform on a smartphone, surrounded by construction-related icons denoting functionalities like Preconstruction, Safety, Quality, and Daily Ops. This depicts the platform's all-in-one solution for improving safety and quality control, ensuring seamless daily operations and efficient preconstruction processes.

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