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Integrated ERP and CRS platforms connect finance, safety and project teams to improve compliance and productivity.

Connect the field and office with live project and trade partner insights.

The CMiC and HammerTech integration is now live, empowering teams to:

  • Expedite field reporting progress (hours).
  • Reduce data entry
  • Improve compliance  
  • Prevent delays
  • Improve productivity


  • Improve project governance
  • Reduce injuries and prevent delays
  • Reduce double-entry to increase productivity

Project Management

  • Improve trade selection processes
  • Speed-up trade partner onboarding
  • Gain progress insight


  • Fast-track labor hour collection
  • Improve trade safety performance 
  • Increase accuracy of safety metrics while saving time

Time-Saving Syncs

Avoid duplication with automated sync between systems. Increase governance compliance around trade and project information. Fast-track vendor on-boarding and gain progress visibility with hours direct from trades. 


Plug and Play

Get the detail on how the integration works and how it will help your business reduce friction and unite teams. 

Why Both HammerTech and CMiC?

CMiC is a leading ERP and finance platform. We were invited to join their marketplace as the only compliance, risk and safety platform built for construction. Used by 300+ Owners, GC's and EPCM's across the globe HammerTech makes existing jobsite processes and data more
valuable for all stakeholders onsite or remote. With all areas of jobsite operations managed in one platform, you'll improve productivity and profit. 

For more details call us at 866-443-1769 or request a demo. 

Are any GC's currently using this integration? How long does it take to implement?

Yes! We built this integration in consultation with the likes of DPR construction. The new plug-and-play version is client agnostic and is ready to be deployed to connect your CMiC instance. 

New HammerTech clients can expect to go live within 2 business days from the initial request. For existing clients, it typically takes 2 weeks, depending on the scope of the data mapping exercise.
We'll walk you through the data mapping step-by-step to ensure it's as simple and pain-free as possible. For more information, call us at 866-443-1769 or schedule a demo. 



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Why leading contractors choose HammerTech

Integrated Compliance, Risk and Safety.

Owners, EPCM’s and general contractors to improve productivity and profit. 

Leverage live inspections, incidents, orientations, labor hours and more to prevent delays, reduce incidents and insurance costs. Improve forecasts for scheduling, project management, and finance with HammerTech helping you win work and grow your business.

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"It is an all-in-one, do it all program that has allowed us to increase our efficiency and eliminate paperwork. The data and analytics that come out of the system are awesome, and completely customizable based on what you are looking for."

Paul Duke Safety Director, Holder Construction

See inside the platform

Schedule a demo today and learn how HammerTech can help with your on-site safety requirements.