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Managing the process from identification of an issue to its close out can be a time consuming and arduous task. With HammerTech, you can instantly raise and assign issues out to contractors, giving project managers a clear understanding of the status of the raised item and how long it takes for a team to close out an issue. No longer will you have to print out inspection forms, walk the site, fill and scan forms, and double handle excel, emails and folders.


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Inspection 3.2


  • Ability to create customized inspections
  • Checklist functionality allows you to guide users through safety, quality and environmental questions or set up daily prestart checks
  • Create multiple issue types such as safety, defects, corrective actions, non-conformances, preventative actions and report on issue types that are arising more frequently
  • Inspections store as a draft until the inspection has been completed
  • Supports multiple users creating issues within a single inspection
  • Built mobile first, which ensures that you can raise issues anywhere on site using a mobile web browser
  • Built-in workflow enables notification of safety issues via email prompting for rectification & close out of the issue
  • Reminders of outstanding issues to assigned personnel
  • Quick Text templates for commonly encountered issues
  • Record positive and negative observations


  • HammerTech maintains all information associated with issues, from identification and rectification to closeout (with comments and photos throughout)
  • Get the real-time status of all issues
  • Save time through automatic reminders for the responsible party to address the raised issue
  • Reports can be generated that help identify trends in subcontractor's performance
  • Subcontractors can manage issues through their portal (i.e. close out or dispute any issue allocated to them)
  • Monitor dashboards which highlight outstanding issues across the project, responsible contractors and corresponding statuses

HammerTech Inspect

HammerTech Inspect is a FREE application and a seamless extension of HammerTech's all-in-one platform with offline capability, letting you avoid signal issues. Empower field teams with paperless, accurate, [HSEQ/EHSQ] inspections. Get 43% more accurate information.

Fully Mobile - Manage offline inspections & issues. Empower field teams to raise and close issues from any location.

Fast Action - Trade partners are notified, minimizing reporting time and potential job site delays.

Transparency - Reduce safety risk and costs with transparency of issue trends and prevent incidents and delays.

Centralize Mobile Field Management – Manage field data in a single solution, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications, spreadsheets and paper sources.

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Power up your data

Plug into Power BI and easily create actionable insights

With HammerTech's system you can harness hundreds of data points that center on the worker, giving a 360-degree view of your field operations.

  • Understand your leading indicators
  • Monitor your mid-stream indicators
  • Develop actionable business reporting that leaders can use to reduce business risks

One platform with everything safety you need to operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customizable platform allows you to digitize your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

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