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Make Your Material Safety Data Sheets Available at the Worksite for Review

Centralize important information on potential hazards so that all team members know how to work safely on your job site. HammerTech enables a faster submission and review process, the ability to make SDS information publicly available to anyone coming to site, and automates expiry tracking.


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Screen capture of HammerTech's SDS (Safety Data Sheet) module, showcasing an interface for creating and managing SDS records. The module allows for entering comprehensive hazard information with corresponding pictograms, providing a clear, visual depiction of potential risks. This image underscores the platform's emphasis on centralized safety data management, designed to ensure all construction site team members have access to crucial safety information.

One platform with everything safety you need to operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customizable platform allows you to digitize your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

Graphic featuring a compilation of construction-related icons in circular shapes, leading to an image of a smartphone displaying HammerTech's comprehensive platform. The screen includes checklists for pre-construction, safety, quality, and daily operations. This image demonstrates the flexibility and customizability of HammerTech's platform, indicating how it can be tailored to suit the unique operational needs of any construction site.

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