Careers and Culture at HammerTech

Why HammerTech?

HammerTech excels thanks to our people - it's as simple as that. We live by our core values of:

United | Authentic | Innovative

These values keep us laser-focused on our goal to help general contractors Build Safer, Smarter Better — Together. Fulfill your potential on a team that's welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. Here at HammerTech, we embrace every voice. 

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Inside HammerTech: Our Stories

Employee Testimonial Quote

Very inclusive environment. Company lunches, meetings, outings, get togethers creates a very effective and relaxing social environment. The work life balance is great. The salaries are also very competitive.

Software Developer
Melbourne, Australia

Employee Testimonial Quote

I absolutely love working at HammerTech! The company culture is fantastic, and my coworkers are some of the best people I've had the pleasure of working with. The benefits are amazing, and it's clear that the company values their employees' well-being.

Account Executive
Phoenix, AZ


Employee Testimonial Quote

Working for a business who's product is bettering the construction industry by improving safety standards and transparency is hugely rewarding. There are brilliant opportunities for career growth, a self-directed but collaborative environment and opportunities for travel.

Director of Revenue Enablement
Marina del Rey, CA

HammerTech Life: Work-Safe, Play Hard!

Group of HammerTech account executives and marketing professionals engaging in a lively discussion at a trade show booth, demonstrating the collaborative spirit of our team. They're discussing our construction SaaS EHS platform, a leading solution in environmental health and safety management, aimed at improving safety compliance and risk management for general contractors. Their enthusiasm for delivering cutting-edge tech solutions to enhance construction site safety is evident.
New Orleans 1
HammerTech's CEO, Ben Leach, joyously cutting the grand opening ribbon for our new UK offices, surrounded by a supportive crowd of dedicated HammerTech employees. This momentous occasion signifies our growth and commitment to delivering superior construction safety and risk management solutions in the UK.
HammerTech Town hall at Warner Bros. Studios
Enthusiastic HammerTech team members at a busy trade show booth, demonstrating our industry-leading construction SaaS EHS platform to interested attendees. The platform is a game-changer in environmental health and safety, improving compliance and risk management for general contractors in the construction industry.
HammerTech Town Hall in New Orleans, LA
Four smiling HammerTech employees posing together for a group photo at our visually engaging trade show booth, proudly representing our company's commitment to delivering top-tier construction SaaS EHS solutions for improving safety compliance and risk management in the construction industry.
HammerTech Town Hall in New Orleans, LA
HammerTech employees actively engaging in discussions with attendees stopping by our trade show booth, sharing the advantages of our comprehensive construction SaaS EHS platform. These discussions focus on how our platform enhances environmental health, safety compliance, and risk management for general contractors.
HammerTech Town Hall at Warner Bros. Studios
HammerTech team enjoying a lively celebration lunch at our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, commemorating a recent milestone in advancing construction safety and risk management with our innovative SaaS EHS platform. The shared camaraderie reflects our strong company culture and commitment to improving the construction industry.
HammerTech Town Hall in New Orleans, LA
Joyful HammerTech employees gathered for a festive lunch at our Melbourne, Australia headquarters, celebrating a significant achievement in environmental health and safety through our industry-leading construction SaaS EHS platform. The event exemplifies our team's passion and unity in transforming safety compliance and risk management in the construction sector.
HammerTech Town Hall in New Orleans, LA
HammerTech team members participating in a celebratory lunch at our Melbourne, Australia office, posed in front of our company's values wall displaying 'Unity, Authenticity, Innovation'. These values underline our commitment to transforming the construction industry through our SaaS EHS platform that focuses on environmental health, safety compliance, and risk management.
HammerTech's marketing leader dynamically demonstrating the functionalities of our construction SaaS EHS platform to an intrigued trade show attendee. The demo showcases how HammerTech enhances safety compliance, risk management, and overall environmental health and safety in the construction industry.
Four individuals engrossed in a thoughtful discussion at HammerTech's trade show booth. They are seated around a table, delving into the advantages of our construction SaaS EHS platform and its significant impact on safety compliance, risk management, and environmental health within the construction industry.

Meet Our Trailblazing Teams

Get to know the dynamic teams that power HammerTech. Each brings unique skills and passion to our shared mission: Building Safer, Smarter, Better – Together.

Revenue Team Logo


Revenue - Sales & Marketing

Ever wonder how you came to know HammerTech? All credit goes to our dynamic Revenue team! They're our brand ambassadors, spreading the word about HammerTech far and wide. This includes our savvy Sales team, the innovative Safety Technology Team, and our creative Marketing and Revenue Operations professionals.

  • Amplifies HammerTech's presence and nurtures customer relationships.
  • Harnesses data insights to optimize creative marketing strategies.
Customer Success



Customer Success

There's no better sound to our ears than a satisfied customer! That's where our global Customer Success team comes in. They’re the friendly faces providing top-tier support and helping clients get the most out of the HammerTech product. When our customers have questions, they’re the first to respond with solutions.

  • Delivers exceptional support, maximizing client use of HammerTech's products.
  • Builds and maintains robust relationships with global customers.





Meet the heart of HammerTech - our Technology team! This is our largest group, and they're hard at work on everything tech, from Software Development to Testing, UX/UI, and Application Support. They're the ones keeping our tech game strong and innovative.

  • Leads innovation and user-friendly design in HammerTech’s tech products.
  • Provides expert technical support for seamless operations.
Corporate Services



Corporate Services

Working their magic behind the scenes is our Corporate Services team. They’re the backbone of HammerTech, handling People & Culture, Finance, Risk & Compliance, and Operations. They set the stage for our success, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Oversees employee development and company culture, along with financial health.
  • Ensures smooth operations and adherence to regulatory standards.

Open Roles

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Our Commitment to Your Well-being

Discover the range of benefits we offer at HammerTech, designed to enhance your work-life balance and foster your personal and professional growth.

At HammerTech, we firmly stand for equality, inclusivity, and diversity. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to crafting an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and respected. Our ethos extends beyond mere words as we actively uphold a policy of non-discrimination on grounds of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We also warmly welcome applicants with varied backgrounds and experiences, fostering a workplace that truly mirrors the diverse world we live in. If you require any accommodations during the application process, please don't hesitate to let us know. By choosing HammerTech, you choose a future where everyone belongs, and every voice matters.