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Subcontractors Carry a lot of Delivery Risk for General Contractors.

Compliance with your safety processes and drawing on their specialist risk management knowledge is key...but that's easier said than done.

Poor Quality Safety Submittals icon

Low-Quality Safety Submittals

Generic plans like JHA and Safety Plans don't help you plan. Missing reviews can result in unsafe work sites.

An icon of a stop watch to represent delayed safety fixes - a challenge of many general contractors with their subcontractors.

Slow Issue Close-Out

Safety fixes often take too long and require many phone calls and disappointing site visits.

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Missing Training Records

Tracking subcontractor training gets harder over time. Using spreadsheets are time-consuming and can miss outdated licenses.

Help Subcontractors Contribute to Safety

HammerTech helps you communicate safety expectations with subcontractors and workers to make safety a team sport. 

Access to a central platform makes it easy for subcontractors to plan and contribute to safe work throughout construction:

  • Self-Managed On-boarding: Subcontractors submit and manage all safety documentation like safety plans, SDSs, equipment and worker enrolments autonomously.

  • Increased Accountability: Set clear expectations and track to deadlines for higher quality plans with less chasing.

HammerTech Insights dashboard showing SDS submitted, safety plan, JHA submitted, Orientations approved, hours worked, and more!
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High Quality Submittals and JHAs

Reduce emails and improve compliance before work starts with guided templates and their own subcontractor portal for JHAs, Safety plans, and SDSs and more.

  • Guided Compliance: Easy-to-use templates guide subcontractors through the submission process.

  • Review Status: Instant visibility of submitted documents and their review status.

  • Digital Signatures: Capture worker signatures via SMS or QR code and see workers who haven't signed-on to JHAs. 

Automated Training Tracker

Improve training compliance and never scan another license. 

  • Expiry Notifications: Automated systems highlight training expiry dates and skills gaps.

  • Orientation Compliance: Ensure everyone has completed your company and site orientation before starting work. 

  • No Spreadsheets or Scanning: Say goodbye to manual certificate management with our digital solution.

With HammerTech, 50% of workers upload their licenses before arriving on-site. 


Automated Construction Training Tracker
HammerTech Insights Dashboard on mobile and desktop, showing top 10 projects, positive and negative inspections, and more.

Proactive Safety Insights

View rolling subcontractor safety trends and compliance across all trades and all jobs.

  • Detailed Leading and Lagging Trend Reports: Share reports and monitor trends to tackle the most important re-occurring issues.

  • Improve Trade Performance: Know who is performing the best and who needs support to reduce risk. With data for inspections, injuries, observations, permits and much more you can focus your safety resources more effectively. 

  • Issue close-out: Subcontractors track and close-out assigned issues through their own portal including fix photos. 

Reduce issue resolution times from weeks to 30-minutes.

Customer Story

"One of the most important benefits of HammerTech—apart from the time and cost savings—is the engagement of the entire jobsite team."

Shaun Carvalho
Chief safety officer
Shawmut Design & Construction


What is the pricing for subcontractors?

HammerTech is FREE for subcontractors. To use HammerTech on a project, only general contractors need to sign-up. Subcontractors will receive a HammerTech welcome email from the general contractor before the project starts to gain access to the HammerTech subcontractor portal.

What do subcontractors think about HammerTech?


They love it. No seriously. Subcontractors say once they’ve onboarded with HammerTech they never want to go back to paper, emailing documents or manually managing crews' daily permits and PTPs.

Do subcontractors see all the same data as general contractors?

Subcontractors have their own portal in HammerTech via their own portal which shows just the projects and processes they are a part of. This includes JHAs, observations, personnel and more.

Can subcontractors access HammerTech remotely?


Yes, subcontractors can access HammerTech from any location and from any device, including mobile, tablet, or desktop. This flexibility ensures real-time updates and connectivity, keeping them informed about project developments and safety requirements regardless of their location.

I can really change the image of what a GC cares about and focus on the high-risk hazards and building relationships with our trades. My conversations have shifted from, "Do you have this license, did you do that pre-start inspection?" to, "Hey, I notice you haven’t checked your fall protection this week". Or even better, everything is in order and the conversation is now, "How’s your family doing?
 crb-logo-1Safety Manager, CRB Group

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