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DOC workers having a safety meeting before the day begins, using HammerTech's Construction Safety Software.

Safety Improved at DOC Thanks to HammerTech Construction Safety Software

“I've always said from day one that when it comes to safety, we are either going to eliminate hazards or control them. First, we're looking to eliminate the hazard and then if we can't, we're going to control it to the best of our abilities. It's all about eliminating or reducing the risk as much as possible.”

This is the view of Nate Clinard, Vice President of Corporate Safety at US construction firm DOC.

EHS for All: How CRB is Making Safety a Team Effort

Effective construction safety management requires all hands on deck, which is often easier said than done. CRB found a transformative solution to their divided safety program in the construction EHS software HammerTech.

DPR Construction crew walking over a temporary bridge with US flags on each post and the wind blowing through the flags.

HammerTech Data Integrity a Driving Force in DPR Operations

Quality data is essential for safe decision-making at DPR Construction. Because the number of construction-related injuries has been drastically reduced in the last few decades, finding the right data to ensure all construction workers go home safely can often become a challenge. Although it’s great that injury-driven data is declining, we now need more innovative ways to collect relevant data and achieve our goal of zero workplace injuries.

HammerTech In Action at Davis Construction

DAVIS Construction has done more than just keep up with the times in the construction industry. They’ve set the pace. At DAVIS, they truly believe that corporate responsibility extends far beyond the bottom line and that safety comes first, always.


HammerTech + Mirvac

For owner and developer Mirvac Work Safe Stay Safe is not just a motto. It’s an operational system that goes above and beyond industry requirements and is built into the very fabric of the company. Hear how HammerTech helps Mirvac make this a living part of their business operations. 

Driving a Safety Culture with Hickory

Continual innovation is at the heart of Hickory Group’s value set. See how Hickory applied itself to build a culture of safety and excellence that is leading the industry.

Driving Crema’s Safety Transformation

Family values run deep at Crema Group but this hasn't stopped them from embracing digital technologies to drive their onsite safety operations. Watch this video to see how one of Australia's leading builders enhances safety and productivity across their projects.

You're in good company

Join leading builders who put safety at the heart of their operations 

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Implementation & Customer Success

Like a great team, we win together

We work with you to create the best strategy to learn the system, coach your internal users, and extend your capabilities within the platform.

We prepare your company with a four-step implementation process to ensure success.


Solution Design

We partner with your designated representatives to get familiarized with your operations and build out a unique launch strategy. 



Based on your goals, we get to work building your integrations, forms and logins. To ensure nothing is missed, we coordinate a team review and final Q&A.



We break down training into two stages: learning and coaching. Learning to educate your team and coaching to put their knowledge into practice.



Once you’re moving along the path to success, we stay with you to ensure HammerTech is optimized for your business and you're reaching your goals.

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We don’t stop there

Our customer support teams are ready to help via chat, email or phone. So you (or your teams) won’t be alone. Ever.

All clients are assigned an experienced customer success manager who will schedule periodic check-ins to help guide your constant business improvement. We’ll also be on call for all things that fall outside of standard technical support.

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"It is an all-in-one, do it all program that has allowed us to increase our efficiency and eliminate paperwork. The program has allowed us to be flexible through COVID-19 and implement several new initiatives to pilot at both a project and program level. The data and analytics that come out of the system are awesome, and completely customizable based on what you are looking for."

- Holder Construction

One platform with everything you need to safely operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customizable platform allows you to digitize your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

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See inside the platform

Schedule a demo today and learn how HammerTech can help with your on-site safety requirements.

Manual Safety Operations

The Cost of Manual Safety Processes (and why you should go digital)

A decision to manually process safety documents may need careful consideration because of the hidden time and costs that it represents. 

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ebook: Choose the right safety software

eBook: Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Software

Learn why safety technology has become one of the most useful technologies on the jobsite, leading to a wide range of benefits including saving lives.

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Reduce Liabilities with Construction Safety Software

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