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HammerTech plus Procore is the gold standard to improve safety results, boost productivity, and reduce subcontractor down time. 

Connect Office and Site Teams

Integrate powerful safety insights with construction management to save time and improve safety. 

  • Reduce admin with automated labour hours direct into Procore 
  • Verify subcontractors and speed-up onboarding 

  • Eliminate double entry of project and vendor information  
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Everything Safety and Site Management in One Place

No more splitting inductions, SWMS and incident management across numerous tools. 

Improve collaboration, reduce risks and save time by providing comprehensive, real-time job site insights to all project stakeholders.

HammerTech complements Procore with simplified:

  • Inductions
  • Daily Reports
  • SWMS
  • Permits
  • Bookings and more...

Safer and More Productive Sites 

Download the overview to see the detail and who is using the integration. 

Between Procore’s document control, project management, and quality, and HammerTech’s best in class HSE management, we now have two systems working side by side that complement each other. We have everything covered.
The efficiencies we are making now in not having to archive and scan paperwork, and the superior data, means HammerTech pays for itself. 
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Clarence Perrett - Project Manager
Clarence Perrett - Project Manager Evans Built
Why use both Procore and HammerTech?

With both platforms, you have the best in construction management and site operations software which improves safety results and productivity.

Everything safety is in one platform instead of being split across multiple tools. Search induction records, view subcontractor performance rates and trends like issues, SWMS compliance and incidents in one place.

Are any builders using this integration? How long does it take to implement?

Yes! Many of our top clients globally use the Procore + HammerTech integration. New clients can expect to go live within 1-2 business days from the initial request. For existing clients, it typically takes 2 weeks, depending on the scope of the data mapping exercise.

Don't worry - we walk you through step-by-step for the data mapping. For more information, call us at 1300 886 166 or schedule a demo. 


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Case Study

Greater Insights Spur Evans Built Success

Evans Built has seen immediate benefits since adopting the HammerTech Safety and Site operations platform to complement Procore, their project managem...

Website Resources - Procore 5 FAQ HT

Procore + HammerTech 5 FAQs

Learn the answers to the most common questions regarding the Procore + HammerTech integration that contractors are asking. 


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Why leading contractors choose HammerTech

Enroll. Orient. Track. Report.

Safety begins and ends with the worker.  With HammerTech, we begin with online enrollment and digital orientations and follow your safety processes, allowing you to know who is on site, whether they are certified and licensed, if key safety actions have been completed, and to notify team members if there are safety concerns in real time.


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