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Crowdsource safety commitments with shared visibility and everything in one place.

The Challenges of Safety Oversight in Construction

Creating a team culture of 'Safety First' in construction is more than policies and procedures; it's about finding ways to help everyone take daily actions to contribute to your safety program and culture. 


Subcontractor Engagement

Drowning in paperwork? Struggling to ensure subcontractors truly grasp their risk plans, compromising site safety from the start.

unreliable EHS data

Unreliable EHS Data

Without accurate data on leading and lagging indicators, it's like navigating a ship in the fog. Are you confident in your safety program's direction?


Worker Qualifications

Can't be sure who's truly qualified on-site? Vital licenses buried in spreadsheets and paper stacks make auditing a daunting task.

Helping Top Contractors Crowdsource Safety

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Maximize EHS Process Efficiency

Provide expert advice from anywhere with remote access to all jobsite EHS processes. 

  • Remote Oversight: Provide feedback and review observations, incidents and issues on mobile. 

  • Time Savings: Cut document approval time by up to 57% with digital permits, JHAs and Pre Task Plans to ensure full compliance before works start.

  • Streamlined Documentation: Tackle those heavy GC documentation demands with ease.

HammerTech dashboard on both desktop and mobile of personnel orientations. This is part of HammerTech EHS construction safety software.
Qualifications and Training PLUS Expired Licenses dashboards 2000x1444

Boost Subcontractor Engagement

Ensure everyone onsite is verified for their role and trained on the daily task at hand. 

  • Automated Reminders: Never let training, licenses or certificates lapse again.

  • Efficient Onboarding: 50% of workers complete their online orientations before getting to site.

  • Paperless Processes: Say goodbye to the hassles of printing, scanning, and excel sheets.

Empower with Reliable Data

Create a safer workplace based on actionable insights:

  • Live and Historic Metrics: Harness leading, mid-stream, and lagging indicators.

  • Benchmarking: Set clear expectations, identify gaps and develop data-backed plans of action to improve safety performance.

  • Unified Reporting: A holistic view of project, subcontractor and company EHS performance in one place to drive decisions and prevent incidents.

HammerTech Insights dashboard showing a project overview with: SDS submitted; Safety Plans submitted: JHAs submitted, hours worked, and more.

“HammerTech significantly reduces the time required to conduct safety orientations by enabling workers to complete this prior to walking onto the project site. Additionally, all paperwork is eliminated and the cost of printing, copying and collecting paper is gone.” 

Tom LippertVice President of Safety and Quality Assurance at AMHigley

Optimize Time, Gain Complete Visibility

Spend more time coaching that on paperwork and reporting. With HammerTech, our clients observe direct, transformative improvements.


More Efficient Safety Orientations


Faster EHS Submittals Approval like Permits and PTPs


EHS Reporting in 2-Clicks Instead of 2-Days

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