Enterprise Risk and Safety Control Tower—

Making Safety Operational

Helping Safety Directors crowdsource safety for higher engagement, better compliance and on-time projects. 

Need leading safety data to drive a proactive safety culture? 

You're leading safety across many projects and engaging with even more trades. Confidently knowing where your biggest safety risks are and running effective campaigns is tough on top of all the day to day paperwork. 

We've got you. Crowdsource safety from trade partners and get ahead with leading data to drive a pro-active culture that wins work.

Pro-Active Prequalification

Move beyond lagging third-party references with Project IQ. Reduce injury and incident risk by up to 60%.


Live Trade Partner Scorecards

Augment bid review processes with historic Project IQ. Use issues, issue severity, injuries, incidents, safety engagement and more. Ensure trade partners are up for the job—prior to appointment.


Speed-up On-Boarding

Digitize and simplify trade partner and worker onboarding. With connectivity to your ERP and Project Management tools, you'll reduce duplication, save time (up to 45 minutes per worker) and improve compliance before starting on-site.  


Automated Certificates and Renewals Tracking

Trade partners provide all certificates of insurance data (COI) and workforce certifications through HammerTech. Renewal dates are automatically tracked with notifications sent out to prevent lapse and maintain coverage.



Trade Health

More Time in the Field—Less in the Office

Improve productivity by up to 16%. One mobile-first platform for all safety and risk processes.

  • Review safety submittals and track KPI performance from anywhere.
  • Expedite project start-up with digital worker orientations and sign-in/sign-out.
  • Automated dashboards highlight urgent actions, leading indicators and improvement opportunities.

Reduce risk, improve safety perform to keep projects on schedule.

"In November, OSHA visited one of our FL job sites on a random inspection. While going through the opening conference and reviewing administration paperwork, [the] HammerTech program was instrumental in providing instant evidence of paperwork upon OSHA's request. The OSHA Compliance Officers were extremely impressed with HammerTech and it's capabilities. From Audits to PTP's and everything in between, OSHA was able to see in real-time how this program worked. Needless to say, OSHA liked seeing technology being integrated into safety and being used on our job site."
-Superintendent, DPR Construction


Make Informed DecisionsFaster

Prevent safety issues and keep projects on schedule.

Fast access to live leading, mid-stream and lagging indicators direct from all jobsites. Drive prevention and reduce issue response time.

With automated tracking of trade partner compliance, issues, injury incidents, stop works notifications and more—you'll stay ahead and close-out issues faster. 

Get automated reports that save time and are up to 43% more accurate.


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Reduce Insurance Costs

Avoid and mitigate workers compensation claims by up to 35% with pro-active pre-qualification of trades and searchable audit trails.

Protect ratings and negotiate lower premiums with robust safety and risk process management. Bid more competitively and win more work. 

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Comprehensive Risk and Safety

Connected inspections, incident management, issues, pre-task planning and everything else needed to support world-class safety programs. 

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PowerBI Dashboards

30+ out of the box reports saving time on reporting and improving accuracy to empower project teams. 
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Trade Partner Management

Appoint with confidence using simplified onboarding that tracks performance and drives engagement. 

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Workforce Management 

Digital enrollments and orientations to capture and track licenses, certifications, training and more.

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Site Operations

Automated Site Diary captures all activities of the day such as trade partner commentary, safety, permits, deliveries, bulletins and much

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/ Sign Out

Provides labor hours by project, trade partner and worker in real-time. 

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Get Better Solution ROI

Improve connectivity with integrations to improve usage and interoperability across your systems. Avoid manual updates, save time, improve information accessibility and accuracy. Looking for other integrations? We have an Open API and are actively growing our marketplace.


See inside the platform

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