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HammerTech plus Procore is the gold standard to improve safety results, boost productivity, and reduce subcontractor down time. 


Connect the Jobsite and Office

Empower teams with powerful EHS insights and better visibility into what's happening onsite to improve project management. 

  • Speed-up weekly admin processes like collating labor hours 
  • Verify subcontractors and speed-up onboarding 

  • Eliminate double entry of project and vendor information  
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Power up Safety Operations

More connected worksites bring people, data and technology together to streamline field data collection. Improve collaboration, reduce risks and cut insurance premiums by providing comprehensive, real-time job site insights to all project stakeholders. 

HammerTech powers up Procore with seamless field workflows:

  • Orientations and enrollments
  • Daily reports
  • JHAs
  • Permits
  • Bookings and more…

Safer and More Productive Jobsites 

Automatically sync data across critical project management and field workflows, empowering teams to work from live, compliant and accurate information.

  • Sync vendors (subcontractors), project information, worker hours by trade partner, and more.
  • Eliminate errors, manual transfers, and paper documents.
  • Save time with smoother payment cycles and better compliance with project start-up processes.
Why Both HammerTech and Procore?

With both platforms, the searchability of the sub-contractor's safety program engagement and field activity is faster and easier. View current and previous project risks, issues, and schedule performance. Achieve faster payment cycles and more accurate procurement processes. For more details call us at 866-443-1769 or request a demo. 

Are any GC's currently using this integration? How long does it take to implement?

Yes! Many of our top clients globally use the Procore + HammerTech integration.

New clients can expect to go live within 1-2 business days from the initial request. For existing clients, it typically takes 2 weeks, depending on the scope of the data mapping exercise.
Don't worry - we walk you through step-by-step for the data mapping. For more information, call us at 866-443-1769 or schedule a demo. 

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Procore HammerTech Power Up Webinar

Power Up Procore with HammerTech

Trends increasing job site connectivity and productivity - plus the new HammerTech Procore integration. 

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Procore + HammerTech 5 FAQs

Learn the answers to the most common questions regarding the Procore + HammerTech integration that contractors are asking. 


Why leading contractors choose HammerTech

Enroll. Orient. Track. Report.

Safety begins and ends with the worker.  With HammerTech, we begin with online enrollment and digital orientations and follow your safety processes, allowing you to know who is on site, whether they are certified and licensed, if key safety actions have been completed, and to notify team members if there are safety concerns in real time.

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"It is an all-in-one, do it all program that has allowed us to increase our efficiency and eliminate paperwork. The data and analytics that come out of the system are awesome, and completely customizable based on what you are looking for."

Paul Duke Safety Director, Holder Construction

See inside the platform

Schedule a demo today and learn how HammerTech can help with your on-site safety requirements.