Enterprise Risk and Safety Control Tower—

Make Project Risk Visible

Helping finance teams reduce insurance costs and improve profitability.

Struggling to Get Accurate Labor Hours?

HammerTech gives finance executives and controllers access to Enterprise Project IQ—directly from the jobsite. 
Saving you time, reducing risk and improving profitability with live labor hours, risk and safety compliance and insurance certification status. 

Speed-Up Cost Reconciliation

Access real-time labor hours worked and equipment usage to spot gaps against forecasts. 

Quickly review forecast to actual to help mitigate unexpected cashflow demands at any time.

Reconcile with accurate hours, save time and prevent overpayment.  



Pro-Active Prequalification

Move beyond lagging third-party references with Project IQ. Reduce injury and incident risk by up to 60%.


Trade Partner Scorecard

Augment review processes with historic Project IQ on issues, incidents, safety engagement and more ensuring trade partners are up for the job—prior to appointment.


Speed-up On-Boarding

Streamline using digital trade partner onboarding and worker enrollments. With connectivity to your ERP tools you'll save time and improve compliance prior to works start. 


Automates Certificates and Renewals Tracking

Trade partners provide all certificates of insurance data (COI) and workforce certifications through HammerTech. Renewal dates are automatically tracked with notifications sent out to prevent lapse and maintain coverage.



Reduce Incident Risk

Set, benchmark and elevate safety standards and reduce risk.

HammerTech supports and analyses all construction safety and operations processes pre-task plans, JHAs, audits, qualifications, checklists, trade partner performance, incidents and much more. 

  • Automated reports are more accurate and show live compliance across leading, mid-stream and lagging indicators.
  • Save time and improve productivity by reducing reporting administration and duplication—and give them more out in the field.

With visibility of improvement opportunities, you'll enable a proactive culture. Lower incident risk, reduce claims and keep projects on schedule. 


Project Statistics - Mock Data


Make Informed Decisions—Faster

HammerTech helps you prevent costly delays with reporting that is automated and up to 43% more accurate.

  • Notifies and tracks Stop Works Notifices linked to critical project issues to ensure adequate mitigation of delay risks.
  • Leverage historic Project IQ data to improve profitability and win more work. With automated project close-out data like issues, incidents, progress, near misses and more you'll improve construction methods and bid assessment.


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Reduce Insurance Costs

Avoid and mitigate workers compensation claims by up to 35% with pro-active pre-qualification of trades and searchable audit trails.

Protect ratings and negotiate lower premiums with robust enterprise safety and risk process management. 

It is an all-in-one, do it all program that has allowed us to increase our efficiency and eliminate paperwork.

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Labor hours by project, trade partner and worker in real-time. 

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PowerBI Dashboards

30+ out of the box reports serving executive and empowering project teams. 
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Trade Partner Management

Streamlined onboarding to appoint with confidence and drive engagement for performance excellence. 

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Workforce Management 

Digital enrollments and orientations to capture and track licenses, certifications, training and more.

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Comprehensive Risk and Safety

Connected inspections, incident management, issues, pre-task planning and everything else needed to support world-class safety programs. 

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Improve connectivity with integrations to improve usage and interoperability across your systems. Avoid manual updates, save time, improve information accessibility and accuracy. Looking for other integrations? We have an Open API and are actively growing our marketplace.


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