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Make sure your equipment and users are safe and ready to work

HammerTech makes plant and equipment management seamless and simple. Our contactors equipment management software helps you monitor your operation with modules for registering, authorizing, and tracking every piece of the job site.


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Equipment Orientation


  • A user-friendly plant and equipment register that automatically updates as equipment comes to site.
  • Automatic notifications sent to management, site teams and subcontractors when plant & equipment require servicing.
  • Link equipment to relevant JHAs and authorized operators. HammerTech automatically verifies whether operators are appropriately licensed to operate equipment on site.
  • HammerTech generates QR codes for equipment which operators can scan to conduct pre-start or servicing checks.
  • Customize plant checklists, documentation requirements, and photos of plant to ensure all required information is captured at orientation.


  • No manual work required to update plant registers.
  • Better management of plant servicing, reducing the risk that plant is being operated outside of servicing dates.
  • Supplemental checks in addition to a plant inspection to ensure safe procedures are in place for use of the plant.
  • Records can be easily accessed on site such as relevant documentation, operator authorizations, and servicing and pre-start history.
  • Plant checklist forms can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • Automatic notifications when servicing is required or operator licenses are due to expire.
  • Centralized plant orientations, allowing equipment that is orientated onto one site to be transferred and tracked between all sites.

Power up your data

Plug into Power BI and easily create actionable insights

With HammerTech's system you can harness hundreds of data points that center on the worker, giving a 360-degree view of your field operations.

  • Understand your leading indicators
  • Monitor your mid-stream indicators
  • Develop actionable business reporting that leaders can use to reduce business risks

One platform with everything you need to safely operate with excellence

Manage pre-construction, quality, safety and job site operations your way. Our customizable platform allows you to digitize your processes and design workflows that match the way your company operates.

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