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Empower Crews. Optimize Tasks

Harness crew expertise with Pre Task Plans to improve planning, reduce re-work and lower injury risk.

Simplify Pre Task Plans to Improve Production.

Coach Crews

Empower crews to assess and control hazards with easy-to-use Pre Task Plan templates and connected Job Hazard Analysis', equipment, and permits. 

Supervisors get buy-in to the works plans and capture e-signatures to reduce incidents and potential injury claims cost by up to 32%. 

Optimize Tasks

Trade partners are experts in their craft and developing safe work methods. 

Harness crew expertise to optimize work planning while reducing risk through flexible PTP templates and task lists connected to work zones.

Improve production quality, reduce re-work and increase productivity by up to 16%.



Analyze PTP Records

Automate daily reports connected to Pre Task Plans.

Increase trade partner accountability. Avoid missing or unreviewed trade partners PTP's.

Leverage searchable Pre Task Plans time-stamped with e-signatures.

Reduce investigation time. Proactively mitigate legal risks with easy access to records.

Image of HammerTech's 'Pre-Task Plans' dashboard showing multiple projects in different states - 'Pending Review' and 'Accepted'. This visualization signifies the platform's analytical capabilities, allowing project managers to easily track and review the status of different tasks, boosting accountability, and ensuring proactive record keeping.

"Another feature we like is how workers can complete work permits virtually. The old system meant they would need to travel back and forth to the site office to receive proper authorization for, say, a welding task. HammerTech can make it simple for an employee to submit the necessary images and documentation and to get approval – and back to work – faster."

Scott Kubiszewski
Scott Kubiszewski Regional Safety Manager - DPR Construction


  • Customize PTP templates
  • Customize hazards and control suggestions
  • Cloud-based and searchable
  • Capture worker and review e-signatures
  • Connect JHAs, Permits, Worker Profiles and Equipment
  • Connect to Daily Reports
  • PTP Dashboard Reports with PowerBI Analytics


  • Optimize work plans
  • Improve hazard recognition
  • Increase production by up to 16%
  • Reduce injury risk and claims cost by up to 32%
  • Lower re-work and improve quality
  • Pro-active record keeping
  • Reduce legal risk
  • Speed-up investigations

You're in good company

Join leading builders who put safety at the heart of their operations

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See inside the platform

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Procore Connector

HammerTech Announces Integration with Procore to Provide Connected Safety and Operations. 

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