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Spend more time in the field and improve training and compliance with digital onboarding.

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Subcontractors Carry a lot of Delivery Risk for General Contractors.

Effective training and timely orientations set safety standards but are often undermined by paperwork. 

An icon of a watch to represent time-consuming orientations and tedious processes on construction site.

Inefficient Orientation Processes

Workers enroll again on every new project and contractors often manage multiple worker data bases which wastes time that could be spent on site.

Icon of a magnifying glass searching a paper, representing lapsed and missing training records when relying on paper records or spreadsheets which are prone to errors

Lapsed and Missing Training Records

Managing paper records and training records in spreadsheets is time-consuming and error-prone.

icon of magnifying glass looking over a clipboard, representing the uncertainty about tracking who is on-site, increasing operational costs.

No Real-time Attendance Visibility

It is hard to accurately track hours for subcontractors and workers on site for record-keeping and billing purposes. 

Easy and Impactful Orientations for Better Training Compliance

Eliminate repetitive paperwork and speed up the orientation process with one-time digital onboarding

  • Orientation Compliance Monitoring: Ensure all personnel have completed necessary orientations.

  • Instant Access to Training Records: Digital management of training certifications and expiry/renewal dates.

Speed up orientations by up to 65%

Easy construction orientation and enrollment approvals on site demonstrated via a quick initial and clicking the
Qualifications and Training PLUS Expired Licenses displayed on a HammerTech dashboard that makes for easy training reports and tracking.

Training Management and Insights

Improve training compliance and manage certifications effortlessly - without spreadsheets.

  • Comprehensive Training Reports: Easily monitor and share up-to-date training compliance for all personnel.

  • Automated Training Tracker: Get alerts for training renewals and skill gaps, and boost management with analytics for proactive compliance.

With HammerTech, 50% of workers upload their licenses before arriving on-site. 


Optimized Site Management

Choose to manage access your way which instantly check orientation status for and secure access.

  • Sign-In Book: QR code sign-in and out through helps you monitor labor hours per subcontractor. 

  • Hardware Access Control: Complete enrolments in one place with your choice of hardware like turnstile gate or bluetooth systems for improved security and accuracy.

Easy site access control after easy construction orientation approval, showing facial recognition and the check-points to ensure access approval.

Customer Story

A $220 million, three-year project utilizing HammerTech anticipates significant daily time savings in orientations, trainings, and certifications for hundreds of subcontractors.

Shaun Carvalho
Chief Safety Officer
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Do worker profiles connect to processes like JHAs?

Connecting people to process provide visibility and accountability. Every worker interaction in HammerTech is linked to their profile including digital signatures. Think meeting sign-off, JHAs, Pre-Task Plans, equipment inspections and more.

How does HammerTech streamline the orientation process?

HammerTech's digital platform simplifies the orientation process by allowing workers to complete their training and inductions online. This includes video inductions, quizzes, and license uploads, which can be completed before arriving on-site, saving time and enhancing compliance.

Can orientations be customized for specific projects or requirements?


Yes, HammerTech allows for the customization of orientation content to meet the specific needs of different projects. This ensures that all relevant safety, procedural, and site-specific information is covered comprehensively.

Is there a way to track and verify worker orientation completion?

HammerTech provides a tracking system that ensures all workers have completed the necessary orientations. Management can view and verify completion status, and the system also allows for assessments to evaluate understanding.

How does HammerTech handle training certifications and expiries?


The platform automates the tracking of training certifications and expiry dates. It sends notifications for upcoming expiries, helping to maintain compliance and reduce the risk of having unqualified workers on-site.

Can HammerTech be used to improve on-site safety beyond orientations?


Yes, HammerTech offers a comprehensive suite of tools for on-site safety management. This includes safety inspections, incident reporting, and real-time insights into safety trends, all of which contribute to a safer and more efficient work environment.

HammerTech enhances access and streamlines management, ensuring accurate project numbers for deliveries and visitor groups. Live reporting from our dashboard offers precise worker counts, boosting efficiency and allowing more focus on other priorities. 
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Scott Djuricin, HSE Operations Manager, Mirvac 

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