New Projects. New Insights. Same Trusted Leader. 

Access transformational safety and site operations data that's loved by site teams and trusted by leadership. 

Today's Safety and Efficiency Needs Demand a New Approach

Current day tools have fallen short. It's time for a shift; it's time for new data and new insights.


Raise the bar for safety with the power of actionable data from HammerTech's new Insights.

  • Enhanced Trend Management: See project and business-wide leading and lagging trends before they become incidents.

  • On-Demand Reports for Streamlined Operations: Reduce report preparation to 2-clicks down from 2-days for site teams and leadership.

  • Informed Decisions: Ground decisions and actions in comprehensive analytics.

Roadblocks to Reliable Safety Insights

Icon of a stack of paper with an

Outdated Paper Processes

Trusting decisions solely on intuition can be risky and inefficient.

Icon of a clock and a trashcan overlapping, suggesting the time wasted when you have multiple disparate systems trying to communicate, but will not.

Wasted Time Across Systems

Pulling data from multiple systems consumes valuable hours and is error prone.

Image of a broken chain, suggesting being

Being out of the Loop Off-site

With data stuck in paper on-site, it's near impossible to know if safety issues have been managed.

Pro-Active Visibility with Less Effort

Image of HammerTech insights showing project overview with JHAs submitted and hours worked being highlighted.

Unmatched Visibility from Anywhere

Even when you're miles away, stay close to your projects

  • Always in the Loop: Complete visibility of safety and site processes, unmatched by any other tool.

  • Prioritize with Precision: Ensure top tasks and risks are managed effectively.

  • Insights at a Glance: Dashboards that spotlight gaps, boosting accountability across all processes.

Streamlined Reporting for Safety & Operations

Efficiency redefined: Say goodbye to paper and tedious Excel workflows.

  • One Unified System: A singular platform for all safety and site operations.

  • Configurable Reports: Control access, configure with drag-and-drop ease, and share detailed reports swiftly.

  • Action Over Admin: Focus on closing gaps, not hours spent on report preparation.

Image of HammerTech Insights showing inspections report with positive and negative inspection checklists.
Image of HammerTech Insights showing bodily injury report and location of injuries

On-Demand Data for Informed Decisions

Access quality data when you need it, without the chase.

  • Immediate Access: Top-tier safety data at your fingertips.

  • Benchmark Your Performance: Measure against your own KPIs to maintain standards.

  • Proactive Measures: Ensure potential issues don’t escalate into incidents.

Insights is going to show our project teams and all of those who really touch safety what is going on in the projects through data and metrics and what things need to change.
Chelsea Lindberg
Chelsea Lindberg Senior Safety operations Manager - Shawmut Design and Construction

Seamless Data Flow for Enhanced Insights

Ensure safety data flows effortlessly between project management and finance systems with HammerTech. Share and compare data across systems with ease.

OpenAPI Icon

Unlock Potential with HammerTech's Open API

•   Integrate with existing tools.

•   Pledge to seamless interoperability.

•   Real-time data sync ensures accuracy.

•   Automate tasks for efficiency and time savings.

PowerBI Icon

Powering Insights with PowerBI

•   Digest complex construction data.

•   Visualize operations data effectively.

•   Use ready-to-use analytics templates.

•   Enhance decision-making and strategic planning.


What is the major difference between Insights and other safety and site operations reporting solutions on the market? (e.g. Procore).

In the past, safety data has been about historical or lagging data such as incidents, injuries, and inspections. Insights provides teams with access to leading data around inspection quality, training compliance, and trade partner engagement to meet new safety standards and tackle the high-fatality rate in construction. Insights comes at no extra cost and is part of the HammerTech subscription.


Insights is utilizing all of the data captured within HammerTech – which covers the full suite of Safety and Site Operations elements.

What the difference between Insights and PowerBI?

Main differences:


  • Accessible from within HammerTech – no need to switch to a different system.


  • Clients aren't required to manage their own data reloads – HammerTech handles all of this for them.


  • Access to Insights aligns with a user's project access within HammerTech – meaning they only see data that's relevant to their projects.


  • Insights offers a simpler 'drag and drop' configuration process and comes pre-configured – BI requires significant knowledge to set up custom reports.


  • PowerBI allows for complete customization, including the ability to compile data from multiple systems – Insights doesn't offer this.

Can I personalize the reports?

Yes, you can create your own reports to suit your projects and business need without the expense of a business analyst. Insights has a comprehensive drag and drop functionality.  

Admin Users can create their own reports – Standard Users cannot. 

Can I send reports out to distribution groups?

Insights does not align with the configured distribution groups within HammerTech. When reports are sent or scheduled to be sent, the recipients will need to be selected individually at that time. 

What’s the difference in data quality compared to other solution in the marketplace?

Most other software solutions digitize only provide observation data and store pdf’s which tells you just part of the safety picture. HammerTech digitizes all workflows so that subcontractors and workers can connect with all safety and site operations processes in one place. You'll know who is submitting their JHAs or attending daily meetings (or not) and much more. This helps you quickly solve issues and improve accountability while gathering deeper learnings to mature your safety programs in the mid-term. 

Are there automation options available with Insights?

Yes, there are several automation options available:


  • Scheduled exports of entire dashboards and/or individual graphs/tables.

  • Alerts can be configured on select data cards to notify when a count is above or below the specified metric.

  • Users are automatically created within Insights, based on their User Type and project access levels in HammerTech.

How can I get started with HammerTech Insights?

Simply reach out to our team for a detailed walkthrough and demo. We're here to guide you through the setup process and ensure you're leveraging the full potential of our platform.

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