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This portal contains helpful tips to get started in the HammerTech Affiliate Program

About the Affiliate Partner Program

Program Benefits

As an affiliate, you receive the following benefits:

  • Commission on all products*
  • Full product datasheets and powerpoints
  • Affiliate updates on new promotions, product releases, and more
  • Ability to promote products across geographies
  • Dedicated help to assist you and your clients

*For original sales transactions, not renewals/expansions

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Program Guidelines

All affiliates are required to adhere to the Program Guidelines. These guidelines detail how you may and may not promote HammerTech. For any questions, please contact the Affiliate Team.



Founded in 2002, Barantas is a full-service health and safety firm.

Our mission is to proactively promote and create safe and healthy work environments across Canada. To achieve this goal, we continually strive to improve health and safety programs, elevate individual and corporate health and safety awareness, and develop and utilize innovative technologies that support workplace health and safety.

Our team of expert professionals will work with you to develop and implement customised, innovative solutions that meet your individual safety needs while ensuring compliance with all government policies, regulations and legislation.

SDC Partners

SDC Partners was formed by individuals with construction operational experience who noticed a gap between those who build and those who provide software to these organizations. SDC Partners was established in 2019 to bridge this gap and provide strategic insights into developing tool suites for Owners/Developers, General Contractors and Subcontractors.

SDC Partners is committed to ensuring smooth implementation and adoption of construction software solutions. We focus on successful adoption by sourcing what suits each corporation's needs, followed by phased implementation and training. We align ourselves with your business so that new solutions become part of the daily culture in your firm.

Our nimble approach to problem solving, paired with our experience in the construction industry, allows us to effectively support organizations across Canada and the United States.

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YellowBird's professional gig platform quickly and easily connects vetted and certified Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Professionals to opportunities on-demand. YellowBird uses matching technology to connect the right people, in the right location, with the right experience for the job. Safety has never been so simple! 

Trinty Safety Group

Trinity Safety Group is working to change the way businesses manage their risk by putting people at the center of the program.

Since 2002, Trinity has built systems around people to take control of their safety. Knowing safety and risk is more than a bottom line, Trinity Safety Group works with organizations to empower people to work safer through engagement and collaboration.

Using Trinity Safety Group’s proprietary business framework and mobile technology, companies are realizing transformational behaviors ensuring safer operations.  Trinity Safety Group is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with offices in Kentucky and Virginia.

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RedHammer was started in 2011 to fulfill the greater need of small and mid-sized construction companies to have more timely, accurate, and informative financial and operational information.

Small construction companies often struggle with hiring skilled office staff or finding the time to take care of the accounting, and computer technology they need. We handle these critical departments, and provide a cost-effective way to allow you to focus on the business of construction.

We optimize your financial system and procedures to seamlessly keep financial documents up-to-date and accurate. We will standardize your software to address job-costing issues, so you know if you’re making money on a job.


Consolidate your safety applications

The average general contractor uses anywhere from 10-12 applications on site for field processes like safety and quality. HammerTech helps you consolidate your processes into one platform that also integrates with key project management solutions.


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