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Vanguard Wireless

The HammerTech-Vanguard Wireless integration consolidates all field safety applications, including evacuation and medical alert system operations into an all-in-one field safety platform.

Closing the Loop On Site Safety Management

You can now access a Vanguard Wireless integration that automatically stores daily activity reports for your nurse call or evacuation safety alert system in your HammerTech portal.

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Unrivaled Reporting Makes On Site Safety Frictionless

Auto generated reports include:

  • Device type, location, connectivity, power status, and updated schedules
  • User information, settings, location services, and status activity
  • Event log by alert, system or user
  • Maintenance requirements and call-outs

Easily access information to facilitate event investigation and solve any identified issues for ongoing process improvement.



How it Works

Once activated from within the Vanguard Wireless User Portal, the integration pushes a PDF report on the emergency system through to the connected HammerTech project site diary.

From the HammerTech portal, businesses will be able to view how their evacuation or nurse call system is performing with data on devices, users, events, system status and internet stability.

About Vanguard Wireless

Vanguard Wireless makes evacuation and medical emergency response systems that improve your business and worker safety outcomes with an emphasis on event communication and speed of response.

In an emergency, businesses within the construction, education, industrial, and assisted living industries rely on Vanguard Wireless' evacuation and medical alert systems to improve event communication and response. Their smart solution integrates triggers and sirens with a robust operating system and smartphone app. 

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Why leading builders choose HammerTech

Register. Induct. Track. Report.

Safety begins and ends with the worker. With HammerTech, we begin with online registration and digital inductions and follow your safety processes allowing you to know who is on site, whether they are certified and licensed, if key safety actions have been completed, and to notify team members if there are safety concerns in real time.


We make safety simple

HammerTech configures around your key safety processes. From the office to the trailer and onto the job site, you can:

  • Induct teams
  • Register workers
  • Manage personnel
  • Perform inspections
  • Manage permits
  • Maintain proper governance
  • Easily sort and report on hundreds of data points

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