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Second Edition

Inside this edition of HT Magazine, we celebrate the power of the platform and how it relates to safety.  

Inside you'll find: 

  • How using best of breed platforms leads to better outcomes for GCs

  • Q&A with 4 leading construction safety leaders from the USA

  • How AEC companies are measuring up when it comes to going digital for their construction safety operations

  • And how one of Australia's largest contractors, Hutchinson Builders drive a leading safety culture throughout their business.

First Edition

In this inaugural edition, you'll see what leading GCs around the world are doing to streamline safety management across their job sites.

Inside you'll find:

  • DPR Construction on the driving forces of safety technology and data integrity, and how to pinpoint safety problems at their source.

  • DAVIS Construction on the need to modernize communication for COVID-19 protocols and the power of data to innovate on-site operations.

  • Safety experts from Trinity Safety Solutions and Australia’s Mirvac Construction on change management, keeping teams accountable, and how data can measure true safety performance.

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