On the Road to Safety

On the Road to Safety

Many are packing up to attend the safety soiree of the year, ASSP #Safety2019 in new Orleans, June 9-12. Hard hats on, gloves in hand, glasses steaming, it's set to be a hot one down on the Bayou. 

We're on our way, a small but scrappy bunch of enthusiasts who unabashedly get worked up about events where we get to share construction "nerd talk" that only makes sense to those who share our passion for contech, operational efficiencies, safety & quality issues faced on a job site, and why data visualizations are the new must-watch in construction. (Move over Netflix, we're gonna Tableau and chill.)

In the case that you don't know us, we're HammerTech, an operational platform designed to improve processes around pre-construction and daily operations, safety, and quality. 

That's a mouthful, but it means this: we're more than just safety and quality. We're operations.  And we don't dabble in functionality (some inspections here, permits there... no thank you. That's not us!). We're the whole enchilada, with rice and beans, sour cream, and we don't charge extra for guacamole.

We hail from Australia, a company born and raised within some of the strictest regulations around safety and quality in the world. Forged under the rigors of thorough government standards, and developed by two construction workers, two software developers, and a relationship building guru, our company was pressure tested within the toughest safety environments (by companies who weren't afraid to tell us what worked, what sucked, and what we needed to change to be better).

And all that growing up and growing out, got us here, in the US, headed to some of our first events like Safety 2019.  While we expect that we'll be a drop in the ocean of ideas and solutions at the conference, we're excited to be surrounded by our people. The ones who can't wait to talk productivity and leading indicators (we've got so many thoughts around that!). 

If you're headed to Safety 2019, there will be many companies you want to visit, tons to learn, raffles, swag to grab and take home to the kids, and networking, drinks, and more networking. But we'll be there too, standing at booth 2148, dispensing hard hat stickers and inviting lively conversation about why safety and operations go hand-in-hand. 

Stop by and say hello, share some thoughts, check out our cloud-based software platform, and get to know us! We may be new to the US, but we're not new to construction, and we'd love to share a cold one and a good conversation.