Moving Your Inspections Online: 4 Surprising Things You'll Learn Once You Make the Leap

Moving Your Inspections Online: 4 Surprising Things You'll Learn Once You Make the Leap

For construction safety managers, maintaining workplace safety is a complicated matter. You have potentially hundreds of workers or more, plus managers and executives, all focused on providing production. You need to ensure they get the job done in accordance with current and future health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations, without negatively impacting productivity and quality.

Those HSE regulations are very important for workplace safety and environmental protection. Virtually all are generated at the federal, state and local levels and can make compliance a particularly difficult problem with so many potential regulatory issues and layers, Fortunately, online and mobile HSE inspections greatly simplify the process and provide many great benefits. The following are five surprising benefits that you will learn in just the first five days when you digitize your HSE inspections process.


Management Becomes Much Easier

Between workplace pressures, production deadlines, regulatory layers and a genuine concern for safety, HSE inspections are critically important. Doing them properly to ensure regulatory compliance, while ensuring a good, safe and productive workplace overwhelms many. That is especially true in this age of constant regulatory overhaul with genuine concerns about environmental issues.

As the safety manager in charge, you will be amazed how much simpler it becomes to ensure regulatory compliance and safety once you implement safety management technology. Mobile apps and online software greatly enhance worksite monitoring and process management. You can quickly and accurately assess many different levels of regulatory compliance, plus your company’s own safety and production requirements. You also can make very well-informed changes and fully justify them upstream and downstream as well as improve productivity, performance, and HSE compliance.


Massive Time Savings

Safety management requires important, yet time-consuming, checklists. Those checklists require human hands to complete them, and those hands do not always have the time or capability to fully assess the situation. A digitized safety management system makes it far easier for you to assess the entire workplace and determine what is working well and what needs adjustments and improvements.

The end result is you get far more accurate and in-depth HSE reports on a daily and even hourly basis. Those reports provide a depth of information that construction safety managers can use to better understand and address workplace conditions and regulatory compliance. They help to quantify any recent changes made for better or worse and help to identify areas of potential improvement and time savings. You can do in a short time what once took several people all day (if not longer), while reducing the potential for human error in compiling HSE reports.


Improves Compliance

With workplace construction regulations constantly changing, the pressure to maintain HSE compliance becomes even greater. Online and mobile inspections greatly improve compliance by providing more flexibility in creating, modifying and distributing assessments. Instead of using static checklists, online and mobile inspections incorporate systems that are much easier to change and implement when rules and regulations demand it.

Ensuring compliance often requires a safety manager to reassess HSE inspections and change them in accordance with new regulatory pressures. When just one person has to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations, the task can become overwhelming. Mobile inspections make it much easier for individuals to edit, modify and notify teams of new regulations and processes which greatly improves company-wide confidence in compliance.


Provides Business Intelligence

The sheer amount of quantifiable data provided by mobile or digital inspections make them a great tool for construction safety, quality and compliance. Instead of simplified checklist totals, you get in-depth reports that can report on thousands of data points. You can monitor workplace compliance and fully illustrate why changes are necessary and which changes are working best.

Workplace safety, productivity, compliance and quality output are critical issues every safety manager must balance. Safety management software makes it much easier to quantify the changes necessary to provide the best output, while maintaining HSE compliance. If you are not using a digital solution for your quality and/or safety management, your competitors likely are, and that gives them a significant competitive advantage.


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