HammerTech Announces Integration with Procore to Provide Connected Safety and Operations

HammerTech Announces Integration with Procore to Provide Connected Safety and Operations

New integration increases collaboration by connecting field and office teams for more accurate data, subcontractor qualification, faster onboarding, and project start-up


Phoenix, Ariz, March 10, 2022 / — HammerTech, a project-driven construction safety management software, is today announcing an integration with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, that will make HammerTech’s Safety Control Tower technology available through the Procore Marketplace. The integration enables construction teams to leverage proactive, data-driven, connected worker and subcontractor information to and from the jobsite.


The adoption of a connected worksite has grown in recent years, offering jobsite teams improved collaboration, reduced risks, and more efficient building overall. Leveraging safety and field data, HammerTech’s Safety Control Tower technology reduces project delays, improves scheduling and planning, and ultimately reduces construction insurance costs. HammerTech empowers field and office teams to create, update and manage subcontractors; accelerating the pre-construction process including orientations, permits, license tracking, and more.


"Successful projects are driven by on time, on budget, resource planning, and execution. Empowering the field to manage what used to be paper and spreadsheet processes while connecting field data gives project stakeholders the opportunity to reduce project delays, and improve jobsite productivity,” said Ron Babich, CRO of HammerTech.


"Our integration with Procore offers the best of both worlds for our customers. Jobsites will now be able to combine field and project data insights to create real-time action in the field, expediting the onboarding process; ultimately increasing productivity. Our focus is to both reduce field friction and automate manual processes faster, without adding additional steps for our customers, as we expand on this partnership."


The integration between HammerTech and Procore allows users to integrate man-hours, subcontractors, vendors, and employers of project information transforming the ways teams can leverage field data and manage field resources. The HammerTech platform improves collaboration, productivity, and quality by enabling easy access to subcontractor qualifications, expiring permits, licenses, and other crucial site information attached to jobsite resources.


"Connected safety and jobsite data centralizes critical project information, and aligns with Procore’s focus of making safety data accessible to everyone in construction. Integrating HammerTech’s Safety and Operations Platform provides a seamless way for all teams to access jobsite safety data which drives smarter project decisions and increases productivity. It’s about more than just safety," said Bradley Jacobs at Procore.


With a diverse global product roadmap scheduled for 2021 and beyond, HammerTech will continue developing future enhancements and integration benefits aimed at jobsite safety and field productivity. The market-driven roadmap focuses on standardizing field data access and safety management for workers and subcontractors, improving construction collaboration, insurance costs, and more.


“The initial integration is the first step in creating a seamless safety empowered jobsite. Over time, we recognize the strength of making more safety information available to Procore users such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs)” said Babich.


Register here for the launch event at 2 PM PDT on August 24th / 7 AM AEST on August 25th, 2021. Hosted with Procore and joint customers on integrated jobsite data for improved project productivity and profitability.


For more information about the HammerTech Safety and Operations integration visit the Procore App Marketplace


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