How to Find the Right Safety Program for Your Construction Company

How to Find the Right Safety Program for Your Construction Company

Making a construction site run smoothly and safely is no easy task. It takes a multitude of people, processes and projects working in tandem. And to make sure everything works as securely and efficiently as possible, you need the right safety management software 


What Are Safety Software Programs?  

Construction safety software is the gold standard of modern construction operations. With a construction safety program, you can consolidate your field safety operations into one centralized system that allows workers, supervisors and executives to access important data in an instant, on or off the job site.  

Adopting a safety management program digitizes your workflow, letting you manage operations like enrollments, orientations, JHAs, permits, and pre-start checklists with ease. You can manage equipment, personnel, and incident reports in real-time instead of shuttling forms and documents back and forth from the office to the worksite. 


The Difference Between Safety Software and Safety Apps 

The most important factor for any construction safety management software is how mobile-friendly it is. 

Technically speaking, a construction safety app is a standalone, independent application downloaded by a user onto a mobile device. Usually designed for only mobile software use, it can be limiting in its scope of service. 

A web-based software like HammerTech, however, can be opened from any internet browser, whether it’s on a smartphone or a desktop, without the need to download an app. That’s the benefit of a well-designed safety software – it can configure itself to whatever screen you’re accessing it from. Plus, there are no app updates needed or phone memory space to worry about – it’s designed to work the exact same way across devices, making transitions from the office to the job site seamless. 


Why You Should Choose a Safety Software Over a Project Management Software  

Many companies try to use their project management software as a substitute for safety software. But co-opting project management software has its drawbacks, while safety software for construction is tailor-made to offer you the right solutions. 

The main issue is that project management software isn’t built to integrate data across multiple operations. Your workflows can’t automate and share data, and having management processes siloed in separate workflows makes management a tedious and costly operation.  

You can set up your project management software with protocols to sort and report on projects, but ultimately you still need to manually gather and plug data in for documentation, which can quickly lead to redundancies and errors. 

But with a safety program for construction in place, all your data is intuitively built-in and automatically populates where and when you need it. A functional safety software integrates data for each worker and connects relevant information to each task and project that worker touches. 

Take permit management, for instance. With safety software like HammerTech, the permit process is completely streamlined.  

Our software automatically generates project permit registers for workers, and HammerTech instantaneously notifies applicants of approval status once permit applications are reviewed. Contractors are consistently prompted to complete all relevant pre-start and close-out checks while on the job site, and ongoing monitoring can be conducted against active permits for seamless record-keeping. It’s a completely integrated system that makes management easier than ever. 


What to Look For in Your Safety Software 

The most important factor to consider when looking for the right safety software is how well it can streamline your safety processes. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than software that maximizes and modernizes every step of your operations, from job site orientations to future project planning.  

That’s why we’ve designed HammerTech to serve as your all-in-one construction safety software. We make sure every component of your operation works in sync, which is how your people, your job site, and your business should be.