CRB Enters Enterprise Agreement with HammerTech to Transform its EHS System and Improve Productivity

CRB Enters Enterprise Agreement with HammerTech to Transform its EHS System and Improve Productivity

Turnaround time on form, document and permit approval already decreasing by 57%

HammerTech also makes it easy to stay ahead of OSHA standards as well as client, project, business unit and sector requirements.

CHICAGO – November 10, 2022– HammerTech, the leading compliance, risk and safety software, today announced that it has secured an enterprise agreement with CRB, a leading global provider of sustainable engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting solutions to the life sciences and food and beverage industries. CRB is deploying the HammerTech platform across all its jobsites to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of everyone the company works with while remaining in clear compliance with regulations, regardless of where jobs are located. HammerTech is also helping CRB increase productivity and efficiency across its workforce as it enhances quality control measures with customized checks that allow CRB representatives to seamlessly review, approve and sign all job safety analysis, pre-task plans and permits. This ensures that teams have identified hazards and detailed their mitigation procedures before project work begins.

“At CRB, we are in the middle of a complete transformation of our EHS systems, and I see the HammerTech platform as essential to our success going forward,” said Steve Pianalto, CRB’s Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety. “The innovative ideas and support we have received from HammerTech will no doubt provide the solution we are looking for to propel us to our goal of world class safety systems.”

CRB selected HammerTech at a time when the construction industry is grappling with a changing landscape of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) regulations and guidelines at the federal, state and local levels. HammerTech developed its platform to help, using technology to drive new levels of efficiency, productivity and quality through EHS processes, streamlining the enormous documentation requirements. In fact, over its initial rollout of HammerTech, CRB is already experiencing a 57% reduction on time spent on form, document and permit approval.

Why HammerTech

CRB joins a growing list of clients who benefit from HammerTech’s comprehensive and customizable all-in-one solution. Some of the reasons people love HammerTech include:

  • Adaptable to Change: When standards and regulations change, HammerTech makes it easy to roll out new processes, forms and procedures. Processes can immediately be updated and distributed to projects and trade partners with accompanying communications. This reduces change risk, improves standards sooner and keeps projects and trades informed and compliant.
  • Regional and Project Hierarchy: HammerTech can accommodate differing regional standards, guidance, policies and procedural nuances, not just for OSHA oversight but also for client, project, business unit and sector requirements.
  • Empowering for Trade Partners: Trade Partners play a huge role in meeting safety standards and partnering with them is essential to eliminating incidents. As such, HammerTech made its system free for subcontractors and their workers so they can connect to all processes, meetings, training and briefings. This reduces risk around trades failing to know about new standards and expectations if they work across multiple projects and regions. 
  • Real-time Access for Expert Advice: Construction Management and General Contractor organizations gain fantastic compliance visibility with the HammerTech platform, which provides live data across thousands of process points and allows subject matter experts located anywhere in the world to review and support projects without delay. Users quickly pick up on any issues in meeting or implementing new standards through insights shared in visual reports, and by receiving quality information in real time, GCs can take immediate corrective action. Additionally, waiting times for work approval are cut significantly, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of downtime.

“We know that even the most passionate staff and organizations, those with the best culture in place to protect workers, need tools that are easily accessed and applied. Yet, they have to be flexible and dynamic enough to function in the reality of a construction site without suffocating a team’s workflow,” said Michael Goldstein, Chief Customer Officer, of HammerTech. “We’ve designed the HammerTech platform to give teams best-of-breed capabilities that enable them to stay ahead of change. They can run their projects with a new level of insight and efficiency.”

“As we continue to develop and train our teams on existing and new projects, we believe HammerTech will be one of the most utilized software solutions on our construction projects,” added CRB’s Pianalto. “We fully expect that when our teams see the value of the multiple modules, we will continue to discover more ways to improve the effectiveness of all our safety systems.”

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