3 Must See Sessions at the NSC Safety Congress 2022

3 Must See Sessions at the NSC Safety Congress 2022

Creating a robust safety culture requires the buy-in from everyone; from the boots on the ground to the execs in the corner office. It's truly a team sport. If safety is designed and implemented like an after thought, it doesn't matter how robust your tech stack or software solutions are.

It starts with a vision to crowdsource safety efforts coupled with a mission to empower your people to have ownership of your company safety culture and processes.

To help guide you we've found 3 sessions that speak to building buy-in and collective ownership of your compliance, risk and safety culture.


learning factry


Coaching: The Secret Power of Safety Leaders 
Room: Ballroom 20 
Session Number:1 
Monday, September 19, 2022: 1:00 PM -2:00 PM 

Regina McMichael of The Learning Factory Inc. is a living legend in the safety space and a must-see at NSC Congress. Regina will share her insights on inspiring shareholders, the workforce, and C-suite to lead the way in overcoming safety challenges. Safety culture is a holistic relationship that everyone must adopt and solving safety problems one at a time does not provide a roadmap for long-term success. Long-term repeatable and scalable success is only possible through crowdsourced effort.

Regina’s unique form of coaching is one of the best ways to improve an organization’s relationship with safety.




Innovating for Safety: How Technology can create safer workplaces 

Room: 28 CD 
Session Number:4 
Monday, September 19, 2022: 1:00 PM -2:00 PM 

Today’s innovative safety leaders understand that technology is an essential to have in their toolbelt. Who better to speak on that than Heather MacDougall of Amazon. Discover Heather's how she helped Amazon build a culture of safety with technology-driven insights. Whether it's from digitizing processes, increased visibility, or greater efficiency this is a great session to have your tech questions answered.

Take this opportunity with Heather to learn how technology has the potential to make work exponentially safer.




Beyond Compliance: Evidence-based strategies for leading a decentralized safety culture 

Room: 25 AB 
Session Number: 36 
Monday, September 19, 2022: 2:30 PM -3:30 PM 

Looking outside the construction industry is a great way to seek new perspectives. With backgrounds in scenarios requiring 'extreme ownership' like the Navy SEAL teams and pharmaceutical laboratories, this session is worth exploring. The leadership panel consists of Kevin Pope, former Navy SEAL/Culture Leader Specialist at RAD Group, and Philip Ragain, Managing Partner at RAD Group.

With a focus on the use of evidence-based steps, you'll learn how to break-down facets of safety culture to ensure that it is decentralized which promotes ownership at the individual level. This will help you build a culture roadmap for your organization that helps you move beyond compliance into continuous improvement. 


Heading to the NSC Safety Congress? Let’s meet up! We'd love to hear the takeaways from you favorite sessions. You can find us at booth 1851, swing by or book a meeting here.

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