Raising the Safety Standard: HammerTech's 2023 Global Safety Champions

Leading EHS construction software platform provider, HammerTech, has honoured safety leaders globally through its inaugural 2023 HammerTech Community Safety Awards.

The awards recognise safety leaders and visionaries in the three geographical regions where HammerTech operates – North America, the UK and Ireland, and Australia and New Zealand. Twice a year HammerTech will award two individuals for each region across either the Safety Visionary Award and the Safety Ambassador Award categories:

  • The Safety Visionary Award recognises senior leaders who create a proactive, collaborative, data-driven safety culture at an organisational level. They lead from the top, unite teams, incorporate innovative safety solutions, and partner with HammerTech to drive product innovation.

  • The Safety Ambassador Award honours HammerTech field users who lead engagement of project teams, drive adoption internally and with trade partners, serve as an educational resource, and actively incorporate technology to improve safety processes on projects.

HammerTech Co-Founder and CEO Ben Leach said the awards were created to spark conversation and recognise industry leaders within the HammerTech community of over 15,000 projects globally.

“We work with a lot of amazing companies and individuals across the globe who support and share our vision to create safer construction sites so we wanted to recognise their efforts,” he said.


The 2023 HammerTech Community Safety winners are:

United Kingdom and Ireland

UKandI Winners

Safety Visionary Award: David Conroy (MJ Conroy)

David has been a company director at MJ Conroy for more than 25 years and is currently head of internal controls in operations of the group in Ireland which includes OH&S management lead specialising in ISO 45001 and Safe-T-Cert systems.

Clarke Lamb, HammerTech’s Head of Customer Success in the UK, said David and his team’s embracing of HammerTech has been crucial in the company’s expansion in Ireland. “MJ Conroy has been the perfect partner for us and David has been awesome in marketing his company’s use of the platform to improve site safety. David is a strong leader who listens to his team and incorporates their opinions into their processes.”


Safety Ambassador Award: Niamh Bonner (Vision Contracting)

Dublin-based Niamh is the Health and Safety Adviser at Vision Contracting, an Irish construction services company that is recognised for successfully undertaking complex projects.

Clarke Lamb said Niamh has been a strong advocate for the rollout of HammerTech not only with the Vision team but also with a host of subcontractors. “Niamh has also hosted other main contactors at Vision sites to showcase what HammerTech can do for them. She is always eager to expand on her company’s use of HammerTech, always exploring new ways to use it to improve site safety.”


North America

US and Canada Winners

Safety Visionary Award: Joshua Bullock (Gray Construction)

Josh is the Manager for Safety at Gray Construction, a family-owned fully integrated global service provider specialising in engineering, design, construction, digital, equipment manufacturing, and real estate services. It is based in Lexington, Kentucky. Josh has had more than 10 years at Gray in every safety role from intern, safety tech, manager, and regional safety manager. He works closely with Gray’s safety director and senior leadership team in growing its culture and leading our team of over 50 safety professionals across the US.

Dylan Hipple, HammerTech’s Customer Success Manager in North America, said Josh had partnered with the HammerTech team to drive the rollout of the platform. Josh leads from the top to create a pro-active, collaborative, data-led safety culture at Gray. We have seen how he unites teams by bringing the right people to the table and getting opinions/buy-in from various levels of employees. The innovative solutions he has brought to Gray include scope-specific audits, collecting unique data around incidents, and focusing on SIF scenarios.”

Safety Ambassador Award: Robert Isaacs (Holder Construction)

Robert is the Assistant Safety Director at Holder Construction, a national commercial construction services firm respected as a leader in “team approach” project delivery. It consistently ranks as one of the Nation’s top 25 contractors.

Dylan Hipple said Robert, who is based in Huntersville, North Carolina, is constantly looking for innovative ways to use HammerTech to enhance safety on Holder Construction projects. “He has implemented new ways to collect incident data and is an educational resource within Holder for HammerTech, driving use and engagement. Importantly, Robert is also an advocate and leader in mental health awareness in construction.”


Australia and New Zealand

ANZ Winners

Safety Visionary Award: Doug Zuzic (ADCO Constructions)

Doug is Chief Information Officer of ADCO Constructions based in Sydney. ADCO is a leading national construction company established in 1972 and has more than 700 employees with annual revenue in excess of $AUD1 billion.

“Being a CIO, Doug is always looking at technology and where it can help improve a process,” said Nik Bajaj, HammerTech’s Head of Customer Success and Implementation across the APAC region. “Doug leads from the top and provides support internally to make sure the teams get the best out of HammerTech. He pushed for the development of detailed PowerBi Reports to help ADCO make better decisions around safety.”

Safety Ambassador Award: Shannon Scott (Hutchinson Builders)

Shannon is approaching 10 years at Hutchinson Builders as its National HSE Coordinator. She has extensive experience in large construction projects including multiple high-rise towers, multi-level basements, and civil projects. Shannon manages the implementation and utilisation of HammerTech for HSE Management systems for Hutchinson Builders. She works with Hutchinson construction teams and subcontractors to implement, use, and understand HammerTech to promote increased HSE system use and understanding.

Nik Bajaj said Shannon is always one of the first to test out what is new with HammerTech and provides ongoing feedback on how to help make the platform better. “Shannon has been using HammerTech for more than five years and is regarded as s super user having helped implement the platform across more than 200 projects.”


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