Construction Site Access Control with Facial Recognition Turnstiles

Seamless, secure site management with end-to-end facial recognition turnstile solutions, powered by Irongate. 

Best in breed site access control meets construction's most trusted EHS software. Integrated robust hardware with responsive service to suit all types of sites including facial recognition turnstiles and gates. 

Fast and Robust - Made for Construction

Irongate's turnstiles built to withstand construction demands — ensure rapid, reliable biometric scanning for smooth, efficient site access.

  • Engineered for harsh construction conditions

  • Quick scanning to prevent access bottlenecks

  • Durable design for long-term reliability

Image showing multiple workers heading on site through Irongate construction site access turnstiles with fast facial recognition.
Close-up image of a construction worker with a hard hat on, scanning face with facial recognition for site access control in UK and Europe.

Pre-Enrolment and Integrated Inductions

Automated access control seamlessly integrates with HammerTech, simplifying the induction process and ensuring only properly inducted workers have site access.

  • Automated integration with HammerTech

  • Hassle-free worker induction process

  • Time-saving inductions - Save 10-30 minutes per worker

Accurate Labour Hour Tracking

Effortlessly monitor and record individual worker times, feeding directly into HammerTech's daily reports for precise and efficient time management.

  • Precise tracking of in/out times

  • Direct integration with daily reports

  • Enhanced accuracy in time management


"Combining Irongate with HammerTech has streamlined our site access, ensuring accurate numbers for both deliveries and visitor groups. With live reporting, we always know how many workers are on a project, accessible right from our HammerTech dashboard. This efficiency lets us focus more on other priorities."


- Scott Djuricin, ESH Operations Manager, Mirvac

Connected Site Management

Irongate's turnstile solutions sync with HammerTech, offering a unified approach to secure access and site management.

Instant Synchronization icon of a gear with arrows swirling around it.

Instantly Syncs New Inductions

One shared source of truth for pre-enrolled workers, induction status, and worker profile updates.

Automated Accurate Logging icon with  person at a computer and 3 boxes with 2 of them checked.

Accurate Labour Hours in Site Diary

Hours from Irongate turnstiles sync directly to HammerTech site diary.

Consolidated Database icon with a database and a gear and arrows pointing around each other.

One Database for Inducted Workers

Maintain a single, accurate source for worker verification.


Why Both HammerTech and Irongate Solutions?


HammerTech and Irongate Solutions bring together best-in-breed EHS software and specialist construction access control. You’ll set your site up securely and digitise all paper subcontractor safety documents, worker on-boarding, safety processes, and much more. With technologies like biometrics, RFID, QR codes, facial recognition, and smart pin codes, this integration streamlines site access, verifies worker identities, and enables real-time activity monitoring. This enhances site security, reduces liability, and boosts productivity. For more details, please contact us at +44 118 230 1574 or request a demo.

Can Irongate Solutions be purchased directly through HammerTech?


Yes, Irongate Solutions can be directly purchased through HammerTech. This offers a streamlined procurement process, ensuring a cohesive integration of our advanced access control systems with your existing HammerTech setup. For more information or to purchase, contact us at +44 118 230 1574 or request a demo.

What if a worker is wearing glasses or a hard hat?


Irongate's system, designed for high accuracy, recognizes workers even in hard hats or masks. If recognition is challenged (e.g., wearing sunglasses), it prompts adjustments. RFID, QR codes, and pin codes provide backup methods.

How does the system handle data privacy, especially with facial recognition?


Both Irongate Solutions and HammerTech prioritise privacy. Facial recognition data is securely encrypted and stored, complying with regional data protection laws. Biometric data is exclusively used for site access and not shared with the HammerTech platform.

How does the Irongate Solution help to track accurate worker hours?


Turnstile time in and out data per worker ensures precise labour hour tracking. This prevents discrepancies and claims related to inaccurate worker hours.

What makes the Irongate access control system more robust compared to other solutions?


Irongate Solutions is tailored for construction and built to endure harsh site conditions. This prevents breakdowns, bottlenecks, and disruptions, making it a superior choice for construction sites. In the instance of an issue, Irongate support includes dedicated and very responsive support.

Is this solution for smaller or large-scale projects?


Whether it’s turnstiles, sign-in/sign-out by QR code or another option, HammerTech offers access control solutions for all sizes of projects.

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Construction worker passing through construction site turnstile in the UK for site safety and efficiency.
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