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Here's Some Common Questions

Q: How do I access/log in to HammerTech?

A: Each HammerTech client has a unique URL or link, in the format of

Q: What if I don't know the link for the company I'm working for?

A: You should contact your employer; they would have received this information from the main or principal contractor.

Q: I need to complete an online registration or induction, but don't have a login?

A: Don't worry, you don't need a login to complete an online induction, simply select "Induction" from the company's public site for the project you are working on.

Q: My question isn't listed

A: Please check out our online helpdesk

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HammerTech has a fully automated, real time, external service status system, that shows the status of HammerTech worldwide.

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