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Well respected industry leaders from across the U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand share case studies, join expert panels, host intimate roundtables and more.

Get insight into how they’re improving their safety processes and worker engagement so that safety can contribute to the bottom line.

Hear candid conversations on how they’ve adopted technology (not just safety platforms) and navigated change.

You’ll takeaway transformational learnings for your projects and businesses to drive productivity gains and protect profits.

Beginning with the end in mind. All things safety reporting.

Grace Herrera, DPR Construction 

How to establish operational metrics and data that improve safety’s impact at the operational table. Here the DPR method for:

  • Knowing your processes
  • Leveraging tools to measure engagement
  • Delivering excellent, timely information to teams
  • Solicit feedback

Making Safety Operational

Danny O'Reilly, Hutchinson Builders

The Hutchinson Builders’ journey to integrate safety into field operations.

  • Creating the groundswell to move beyond compliance-based safety
  • How to help field teams embrace data and be their own safety managers
  • Increasing the use of leading indicators for a preventative culture

Building Confidence in Your Safety Culture with Transparency

Heidi Schneider, Shawmut Design and Construction

The Shawmut Journey – where were they and where are they wanting to go to?

  • Their journey through the paper to digital change curve.
  • Operating with a new level of transparency onsite, how change management is crucial.
  • Quality of information, provides motivation and drives competition.
  • Using information to improve your safety culture.

How do you digitize processes to get quality safety data?

Alex Potts, Harris HMC

  • Which processes to start with when digitizing?
  • What to expect when managing change?
  • What is important to measure?

Honing your B.S. Meter to Buy Software that Fits

Heather Baker, Davis Construction

Doug Zuzic, ADCO Construction

Relationship & Company Profile

  • How do you approach the vendor relationship?
  • What touch points (people) in the vendor's business you like to establish?

Requirements how do you set them?

  • What’s the business case for buying?
  • What are you looking for when you’re testing for fit?

Expert Panel Discussion: Future Possibilities for Safety with a Connected Jobsite

  • Paul Duke Safety Director, Holder Construction

  • Thomas Barnard Director, HSE Design and Construction, Digital Realty

  • Ron Babich CRO, HammerTech

Connected Job-site

  • What does the “connected job-site” mean to you and what does it have to do with Safety?

Navigating rapid change

  • What are some of the benefits you’re seeing with these changes?
  • What are the biggest challenges you see ahead on this journey ahead?

Future of the job-site and safety

  • What tools are you testing and prioritizing for the future to make sites safer?
  • What will the role of the safety professional going to look like?

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Manual Safety Operations

The Cost of Manual Safety Processes (and why you should go digital)

A decision to manually process safety documents may need careful consideration because of the hidden time and costs that it represents. 

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