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Maximise Efficiency, Minimise EHS Risk

Streamlined EHS operations, robust visibility, and informed decision-making for forward-thinking construction directors. 

Set the gold standard for EHS — every project, every time.

Construction directors are looking for new ways to drive efficiency while raising safety standards to make sites safer. Some of the biggest opportunities for improvement are:

Icon of a paper with a shield icon on top of it, with an exclamation mark over that.  It represents unreliable HSEQ data when using Excel or paper to track safety on a construction site, and the benefits of using a construction safety software platform like HammerTech instead.

Unreliable Safety Data

Multiple systems split safety processes which creates compliance gaps and increases the risk of uniformed decisions.

An icon of a gear with an icon of a warning sign in front of it, signifying the inefficient and time-consuming paper-based processes when not using a construction safety software platform like HammerTech.

Inefficient Processes

Time-consuming paper-based processes prevent safety and site managers from spending time on job-critical tasks in the field.

An icon of a graph getting lower over time with an arrow over the top of it.  This is to represent the difficulty of finding certified labor and lowering risk when you don't have a construction safety software platform like HammerTech.

Certified Labor to Lower Risk

Difficulty tracking training records can lead to uncertified workers on site which increases incident risk.

Top Contractors Raise EHS Standards with HammerTech

A logo of John Paul Construction, a HammerTech client using our HSEQ software.

Data-Driven Safety Decisions

Visible safety performance promotes a strong safety culture. Access deep insights you can trust across all projects.

  • Accelerate worker and subcontractor onboarding

  • Consolidate all EHS processes into one central hub

  • Replicate & enhance your existing ISO-certified system

InsightsImage of HammerTech insights showing project overview with JHAs submitted and hours worked being highlighted.
Qualifications and Training PLUS Expired Licenses dashboards 2000x1444

Close Compliance Gaps, Minimise Risk

Automate EHS data, compliance rates and KPI tracking to confidently lower project and claims risks.

  • Ensure everyone on-site is qualified

  • Time-stamped detailed audit trails for training and site activity

  • Pinpoint and close compliance gaps

Maximise Efficiency, Save Time

Eliminate costly delays, helping your team to focus on project-critical tasks out in the field.

  • Ditch paper, streamline your reporting

  • Reclaim 2+ hours daily for site managers

  • Monitor inspections and project progress in real time

A screenshot of HammerTech's all-in-one safety software platform that helps to speed up reporting and helps with monitoring inspections and project progress in real time.

“The vision for compliance, risk, and safety at FCL is simple – everyone goes home safely at the end of every day. HammerTech has quickly become essential to that vision. Between HammerTech's best-of-breed technology and its team’s commitment to our success, it has truly become a one-stop-shop for our safety needs.”

- Kort Williams, CSP, CHST, Director of Safety at FCL

Redefine Efficiency, See ROI on EHS Investment

Why settle for sufficient when it comes to safety? Streamlining processes doesn't need to be a major transformation. With white-glove implementation services and training, HammerTech customers see tangible returns sooner. 


Faster Induction Processing


Track and Approve EHS Submittals Sooner


Reduced EHS Report Preparation Time

Get The Guide: Buying EHS Software

While compliance remains vital, true EHS success lies in fostering a safety culture that boosts efficiency, strengthens reputation, and yields rapid ROI. We interviewed industry leaders who have successfully navigated an EHS buying journey. 

Front cover of the Comprehensive Buyer's Guide for HSEQ Software in Australia and New Zealand

Guide Highlights:

  • Identify your organisation's unique EHS challenges.

  • Discover how the right software amplifies your goals.

  • Craft a data-backed business case for stakeholder support.

  • Ensure a seamless transition during implementation.

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