MJ Conroy's Safety Paradigm Shift

MJ Conroy's Safety Paradigm Shift

MJ Conroy is a diverse construction group utilising more than 100 subcontractors. Partnering with HammerTech shows that it is not only leading the way in the adoption of the latest technology but maintaining safety as its No.1 priority.



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Managing over 100 unique subcontractors HammerTech supports ISO audits and certifications with HSE data visibility 180-degree turn from paper to digital safety processes


The Challenge

MJ Conroy has operations in Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and Serbia. A major challenge is to meet strict national and international standards particularly for the higher tier companies it works with in the pharmaceutical and MedTech sectors. The demands and expectations from those clients are very high from a safety and quality perspective so MJ Conroy needs to ensure it has the right internal controls and systems in place as well as following the relevant country’s statutory guidelines. These systems are vetted by external auditors as well as auditors from its clients.

Ireland is somewhat unique because it has a very high number of international companies – primarily from the United States. They tend to set up large manufacturing and service bases which require systems to manage safety and quality. MJ Conroy needs to meet those standards not only internally but for the suppliers and subcontractors it uses.

Before partnering with HammerTech, MJ Conroy relied on paper-based solutions for virtually all of its processes – and when it engages more than 100 subcontractors and is building several projects at once – there are a lot of lever arch files to go through.


“Before deciding to use HammerTech we looked at many different systems. A lot were paper-based manual systems. That can make our processes time consuming and there is the potential for gaps to present themselves. Other systems we looked at would be good at one thing but fall down on something else. There was not one ICT system that was available for safety management that we felt covered enough bases.” – David Conroy, Director, MJ Conroy


 The Focus

MJ Conroy needed a solution to replace the time-consuming paper-based processes both in its offices and on site. 

  1. With more than 100 subcontractors it needed a system to standardise and streamline collaboration
  2. A faster and more efficient auditing process
  3. Inductions and orientation able to be undertaken off site and before Day One on site


The Solution

MJ Conroy introduced the HammerTech platform on an established long-term project it was working on in the west of Ireland. That has gone off without a hitch and as other projects come on stream HammerTech is being rolled out.



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Adaptability: MJ Conroy presented HammerTech to one client – at directorship level – and they asked can you do this? Can you do that? Can this module do this? The answer was most often yes and if not available, the HammerTech implementation team would work out a solution.

Professional Training: Not all subcontractors are introduced HammerTech at once. They are introduced to the system well in advance of a project starting and shown how it will operate and how to operate it. All of their relevant information from insurances, contact details, RAMS, equipment and more are uploaded before the start of the project. Orientation and inductions are then provided for workers and with the age of smartphones, often there isn’t training required to get them onboard. There is a certain amount of training involved and getting used to the platform. The HammerTech team trained MJConroy “super users” and once comfortable with the system, they now train their subcontractors who in turn train their own employees.


“We believe that there is no other system on the market that’s all encompassing; that has all the modules that HammerTech has.”


 The Results

“We’ve basically done a 180 degree turn and gone from a paper-based system to an online system and brought our employees and our subcontractors along. We want to show that from a safety point of view we are driving standards to improve.”


Ease and speed of auditing: MJ Conroy was audited at the same time as a key client seeking to obtain ISO accreditation. The auditor was able to access all the relevant information in one location as opposed to having to pull out multiple files. The auditor told MJ Conroy that if they had the HammerTech system they would not even have needed to come into the office.

Records and compliance at the touch of a button: One of the biggest benefits for MJ Conroy is central access to all its relevant records on employees, on safety training records etc at the touch of a button, be it onsite or in its main office or at home on a laptop or a phone. MJ Conroy can also provide access to clients for certain modules. Compliance is also a key aspect, and it is easy to see where the company is complying and where it needs to improve.



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Point of difference: MJ Conroy anticipates that using HammerTech will lead to repeat business and referrals. Importantly, it is demonstrating to clients and potential clients that it can adapt and stay up-to-date with the latest technology while living up to its safety motto Work Safe, Home Safe.

Start the job on day one: Orientations and inductions are completed before employees go on site which means they can start work straight away. There is also the opportunity to upload training records, the plant and equipment inspections. If there are any records out of date, it is brought to attention straight away.

Greater engagement: MJ Conroy is engaging with its employees more as well as subcontractors from the point of view of safety and safety management.


“It's there on our screen and it tells us straight away where we're compliant or failing and what we need to do. So, from our point of view, the benefits that it gives to us and the reassurance that we are compliant is enormous.”


About MJ Conroy

MJ Conroy with logo- NO Construction-png

Established: 1932

Started using HammerTech: May, 2022

MJ Conroy has built a reputation of excellence, quality and reliability, working on a multitude of projects ranging from large-scale multi-million-euro projects to smaller scale.

Working alongside the best architectural and engineering firms, MJ Conroy has vast experience in high-level commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical construction techniques along with fit-out contracts of both commercial and industrial facilities. Success has been built on the company’s ethos of collaboration and creation, maintaining enduring relationships with national and international partners across its business networks.

Michael Joseph Conroy, father and grandfather of the current directors of Michael J Conroy & Sons Ltd, formed the business in 1932.

Location: Galway and Mayo in Ireland with operations in Latvia, Lithuania and Serbia.

Specialty: Commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical and fit-out.