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Modernising Construction Site Management: HammerTech’s Access Controls

Change is hard, especially in the fast-paced world of construction site management where the pressure to meet deadlines and exceed safety standards can be overwhelming. With projects becoming increasingly complex, sticking with the status quo, and expecting better safety outcomes isn't an option anymore. Modern projects require modernised processes supported by new tools.

What's Inside

  1. The onboarding process today

  2. Opportunities to improve onboarding

  3. Consider this simplified approach to onboarding

  4. Connecting worker information beyond inductions to reduce duplication

  5. Real-World Impact: Endorsements from Industry Leaders

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One of the workflows that’s ripe for change is our approach to enrolling, inducting and controlling access for workers.

Inductions are an essential step to help workers understand the site safety requirements and your expectations. However, the paperwork or multiple tools required to capture worker details and licenses and set them up on separate access control tools, far outweighs time spent on training.

This makes the onboarding process slow for workers and cumbersome for managers who need quick labour hour data and strong governance around site access.


The onboarding process today.

Today a worker enrols, completes their induction and signs onto RAMS. On-going, they’ll join toolbox talks, particularly in safe plans of action briefings, complete pre-start equipment inspections and even raise safety observations.

In the real-world, workers are connected to processes far beyond inductions so why should their digital footprint stop on day one?


Opportunities to improve onboarding.

  • Consolidate worker information databases

  • Lost cards and fobs

  • Unreliable turnstile hardware

  • Reduce duplicate form-fills for workers and site managers

  • Connect worker information to other processes for better visibility of what’s happening on site

 With new software, the onboarding process is simplified making it less duplicative. Worker information is captured in just once in one place and connected to other processes such as worker license records to pre-start-inspections requirements. Our site teams desperately need time back and workers want to get out in the field as soon as possible to meet productivity demands.


Consider this simplified approach to onboarding.

  1. Before arriving to site, workers receive a link to complete an induction via text or email with essential project information. Software guides workers through the company policies and expectations which is tested with a quiz for comprehension. A public project web page also highlights important bulletins and PPE requirements.

  2. On arrival for their first day of work, management can effortlessly review and approve the workers’ profiles including profile picture, quickly validate licenses, share the project specific induction as well as request the review and digital signature for relevant RAMS.

  3. Once the induction is signed off access to site is automatically granted by the turnstile gates using facial recognition technology that links to the workers induction profile picture.

  4. All safety processes connect to worker profiles pulling from one database and across projects reducing duplication and providing a traceable, reportable and digital foot-print of every worker touch point.

For access control and induction management alone, project teams using platforms like HammerTech’s HSEQ platform with integrated turnstile access controls save an average of one hour per day and each inducted worker saves 10-30 minutes.


Connecting worker information beyond inductions to reduce duplication.

Beyond inductions, HammerTech also connects workers to processes from ‘gate to go’, which is not available with individual access control, induction management solutions or generic safety management systems that are not built for construction. The addition of cutting-edge facial recognition turnstile technology – Powered by Irongate into the platform ensures swift and smooth site access in under a second for approved workers, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Beyond onboarding, HammerTech is a complete safety engagement platform that encompasses every aspect of safety, creating a digital footprint of everything the worker is involved in, from induction, to site entry, the sign-off of RAMS and work plans. With 16 interconnected safety workflows, it ensures an all-encompassing experience that gives everyone visibility that safety is in hand while getting time back to focus on the field.

Step 1 - Worker approaching a construction site turnstile for access
Step 2 - Facial Recognition verifying that a worker has an approved induction
Step 3 - worker gaining access to the construction site
Step 4 - HammerTech's EHS Platform Site Diary showing worker's site activity.


Real-World Impact: Endorsements from Industry Leaders

Gaining traction among leading construction companies across the United Kingdom and Ireland, this new approach has been adopted by key industry players. A Top 50 Irish main contractor stated: "We've been blown away by the impact HammerTech's Access Controls solution has had on our construction projects. The smooth integration of technology has revolutionised our site access management, allowing us to track deliveries and visitors with unparalleled precision. With HammerTech, real-time reporting is at our fingertips, making project oversight effortless. It's not just a solution; it's a game-changer that has elevated our efficiency and safety standards to new heights."

Overall, the Access Controls solution integrated with an end-to-end HSEQ platform emerges as the catalyst for change in the construction industry, offering a reimagined approach to site management.

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