UKI Site Access Control turnstile with facial recognition

HammerTech Launches Construction Site Access Control Solution in the UK & Ireland

Manchester March 27, 2024 -- HammerTech, a leading Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Construction Software Platform has extended Access Control capabilities to the United Kingdom and Ireland, building upon its successful rollout in North America and Australia. The solution enables construction clients to effortlessly supervise and manage site access, significantly enhancing site efficiency, safety, and security control.

HammerTech’s Access Control Solution provides the necessary hardware and software for an end-to-end site and safety management system. The Facial Recognition Turnstiles, powered by Irongate, directly integrate with HammerTech’s software platform, forming a feedback loop. For workers, this integration simplifies the induction process and ensures that only fully inducted and approved workers gain site access. Once approved, workers can access the site using facial recognition in less than half a second, reducing bottlenecks and eliminating the problem of lost security passes. Additionally, their profile moves with them from project to project for express access to subsequent projects. HammerTech's EHS Platform also integrates with select third-party turnstile systems, offering flexibility to clients with pre-existing turnstile setups.

HammerTech’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ben Leach, explains the benefits for management teams: “It offers greater visibility of live and past site activity by automatically logging precise check-in and check-out times of all workers into HammerTech’s Site Diary. This provides an instant, accurate, and transparent view of site activity without manual intervention and, eliminates the frustrations of separate Access Control databases, saving project teams at least an hour each day.”

HammerTech’s EHS platform goes a step further than other tools which either solely manage access or inductions and do not connect to broader site management processes. HammerTech connects worker and subcontractor profiles to all site workflows such as RAMS and daily briefings like safe plans of action. This provides main contractors with a detailed digital footprint of safety engagement from the moment a worker is inducted and accesses the site across every process they interact with. The footprint provides real-time engagement metrics. KPIs and benchmarks, which help site supervisors and safety managers drive significant and measurable improvements to safety standards.

HammerTech’s EHS Platform and Access Control Solution is already supporting several major clients across the United Kingdom and Ireland, with multiple main contractors reporting the following findings: "HammerTech has streamlined our site access, ensuring accurate numbers for both deliveries and visitor groups. With live reporting, we always know how many workers are on a project, accessible right from our HammerTech dashboard. This efficiency lets us focus more on other priorities.”

To learn more about HammerTech’s Access Control Solution request a live walkthrough from our team by contacting UKI Business Development Representative, Brad Helme at:

About HammerTech:  

Built for construction, HammerTech’s software was created for contractors to improve worker safety and solve efficiency challenges. Launched in 2013, HammerTech is now trusted by over 15,000 construction projects led by revered contractors like DPR Construction, Digital Realty, Vision Contracting and John Paul Construction to make their safety processes 2x more effective and 2x more efficient.

Safety and visibility have never been more important with increasing project complexity. HammerTech moves beyond simple digitization by providing safety engagement metrics to connect your people and subcontractors to processes for industry-leading visibility across your projects helping you raise safety standards.