Ironside Increases Subcontractor HSEQ Accountability with HammerTech

Ironside Increases Subcontractor HSEQ Accountability with HammerTech

Ironside's pursuit of perfection and unsurpassed attention to detail is at the center of everything they do. Critical to their approach construction health, safety, environment and quality operations are subject to the same pursuit of perfection and detail. 

Metrics at a Glance 




Average hours saved per project on induction processes   Reduced observation close-out rate YoY by 0.5-1 day  Over 700 hours saved on HSEQ reporting since 2019   


The Challenge 

Before adopting HammerTech, Ironside struggled to measure performance against their high standards. Both site and management teams were working with unreliable data and didn’t have the ability to track actions against KPIs.  

Ironside project teams found it challenging to manage disparate digital and physical documents. The result was a mountain of incomplete files, which plagued their business. Reporting on HSEQ and operational data was resource heavy and time consuming, which meant critical data was reported infrequently - not real-time. When reports were produced, they often misrepresented true project activity and with unstructured data, it was hard to drill down to see the issues.  

Ironside leaders set out to find a flexible, seamless HSEQ system to digitise all site documentation fully to eliminate physical storage and simplify information handling on site. It was also important that all employees and subcontractors could access a consistent level of information, training, company processes, and consultation to meet their HSEQ standards. However, with multiple projects that were geographically spread out it was difficult to achieve a uniform HSEQ approach. 

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The Focus 

Ironside set out to find solutions to support both office, remote and site-based teams to: 

  1. Make access to HSEQ real-time, cloud-based and easily accessible for everyone 
  2. Improve ability to analyse data and measure accurate performance 
  3. End on-site storage by eliminating paper and improve the efficiency of all HSEQ admin 
  4. Increase accountability to higher HSEQ standards 




The Solution

HammerTech’s user friendly interface made on-boarding fast and enabled Ironside teams to increase accountability around HSEQ processes. The management team also had a clear vision for new automated KPI report cards which required a robust API key. 

HammerTech’s API key provides the ability to use raw data from Ironside to create KPI report cards enabling them to use advanced metric targets that were previously inaccessible.  

The highly customisable platform digitizes key tasks and processes the Ironside way; inspections, checklists, registers, inductions, zoning and much more.  




The Results 

Ironside has improved collaboration across the field, office and management teams. With HammerTech, both staff and subcontractors are accountable for their participation in upholding high safety standards.  

They saw fast uptake because the platform proved to be more efficient for staff and subcontractors which increased engagement early-on in the roll-out. Teams now spend less time on administration and more on production.  

Overall Ironside has a higher level of HSEQ compliance - backed by data. With easy-to-understand visual data on KPIs, management can receive and provide instant feedback on improvement opportunities and reward areas of excellence. 


Site team results: 

  • Less admin and more productivity on site 
  • Accurate simplified data with less effort 
  • Generally higher compliance 


Office and Management results: 

  • Easy to understand dashboards that automatically pull from vast data sources  
  • Visibility of site issues and improvements  
  • Real-time KPIs on all live sites 
  • Improved business training and client consultation 


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About Ironside 


Began using HammerTech: September 2016

The pursuit of perfection is our foundation. Built by consistent and unsurpassed attention to detail. Resulting in the contemporary yet enduring products which form our legacy. Ironside’s primary objective has always been to build an environment that encourages creativity, rewards hard work and breeds enthusiasm for both the task at hand and the future ahead. 

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