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Next-Level Safety Insights: HammerTech Unveils Game Changing Reporting Upgrade

MELBOURNE – Oct. 18, 2023 -- The construction sector’s leading safety and site operation platform, HammerTech, has launched its biggest reporting upgrade in almost a decade.


Its new safety dashboard and reporting tool - called HammerTech Insights – is expected to save contractors up to two days a month in reporting while also improving decision-making and ultimately safer outcomes.



It has been designed to give construction teams access to critical safety, subcontractor and operations data which is more powerful than anything available on the market. All construction site information – which usually sits on multiple platforms – will live on one dashboard.


HammerTech Insights has been in beta testing for the past five months with over 100 clients out of more than 500 using HammerTech and hundreds of sites across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.


HammerTech Co-Founder and CEO Ben Leach said Insights addressed a major issue in the sector. “In the past, safety data has been about historical or lagging data such as incidents, injuries and inspections. Insights provides teams with access to new data around inspection quality, training compliance and trade partner engagement to meet increasingly strict safety standards with the ultimate aim of reducing injuries and fatalities in real-time,” he said.


Insights also solves issues such as:


  • Safety directors who can’t access trend data in one place

  • Reports take an excessive amount of time to prepare

  • Current business intelligent tools are cumbersome and prevent site teams from accessing data they need to drive accountability with subcontractors and workers

Mr. Leach said that in recent years the importance of data that is reliable, timely, and accurate has increased exponentially. “Being able to surface this data with insights has been game-changing for clients and site teams who have either not been able to access it or found it challenging to access using business intelligence tools.”


“HammerTech digitizes all workflows so that subcontractors and workers can connect with all safety and site operation processes in one place. This helps site managers to quickly identify and solve issues as well as improve accountability with gathering deeper learnings to mature your safety programs.”


HammerTech Insights dashboard showing inspections reports for general contractors


Mr. Leach said the Insights dashboard highlights gaps to improve accountability across the whole team including subcontractors for all pre-start, hazard management, and daily operation processes.


It will provide site visibility data such as:


  • Who has done a toolbox talk

  • Which subcontractors are performing well

  • Who has submitted pre-task plans

  • How many outstanding observations and trends

HammerTech Insights Dashboard showing a project overview with various circle graphs that represent SDSs submitted, SWMS submitted, and hours worked.

Two of the 40 companies that have been involved in beta trial include Boston’s construction management company Shawmut and Melbourne, Australia retirement village operator Ryman Healthcare.


Chelsea Lindberg, Senior Safety Operations Manager from Shawmut said: “As someone who manages the safety and data for Shawmut, this is huge. Insights is going to show our project teams and all of those who really touch safety what is going on in the projects through data and metrics and what things need to change.”


Sean Morgan, the Victorian Construction Health and Safety Manager at Ryman Healthcare, said: “Insights is extremely powerful and will prove to be very useful. I love how configurable it is. This will eventually save me approximately 2-3 days per month allowing me to focus on other things."


Insights will be launched initially in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with the rollout in the UK and Europe in early 2024.


About HammerTech


Built for construction, HammerTech’s safety and site operations software was created to improve worker safety and site efficiency challenges. Launched in 2013, HammerTech is now trusted by revered contractors on over 15,000 projects across the globe including DPR Construction, Digital Realty, CRB, Hansen Yuncken, and Richard Crookes. HammerTech consolidates multiple apps and paper processes into one platform to equip site and leadership teams with game-changing data insights so they can be more effective, improve contractor accountability, and raise safety standards. 


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