PSG Holdings: Using tech to avoid missing any critical steps

PSG Holdings: Using tech to avoid missing any critical steps

What was the problem/challenge that prompted you to look for a HSEQ platform like Hammertech?

As we know construction sites are fast-paced, and when sites are in full swing; processes can be missed and documents are easily misplaced. I wanted a system which could essentially create hold points within our Safety & Quality system that would remind workers of critical steps to be completed. And as the HammerTech system automatically files the completed form for you, there is no chance of losing it.

I have used other online platforms in the past and what I found was that we changed our procedures & standards to accommodate the online platform, rather than the online platform conforming to our needs. And it is this significant factor which made me choose HammerTech. The online platform was easily manipulated to mimic our current processes and forms. This made the implementation of the HammerTech system easier for our site teams.

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How has HammerTech impacted your day to day operations?

From a management perspective has enabled greater transparency and improved the connection between the sites and head office. And from a site perspective having our subcontractors upload all required information (inductions, SWMS, plant, etc…) prior to them arriving on site enables faster mobilisation of the subcontractor. Additionally, having recently gone through several external audits all required information was at hand; easily located and completed in real time out in the field.  


What modules are most used on the job site and why are these important for PSG?

All modules are used onsite, everything from SWMS review, inductions, site inspections and equipment inspections. But two of the most important features are the issue tracker and SWMS sign off process.   The management of QSE issues on our project has improved greatly, making sure they are closed out promptly and ensuring that supporting evidence is provided to confirm that the issue is closed. Ensuring that all workers have read, understood and signed off on the SWMS is critical. Previously with large subcontractors it was difficult to see who had signed and who had not signed off on their SWMS. Now, this process takes seconds.

How easy/hard has it been to roll out digital solutions across the job site? What are the barriers and how have PSG overcome these?

As with any change, there is an initial teething process; but now that we are past this phase, we are seeing some real benefits. The main barrier which we have encountered during the rolling out of the online platform was a reluctance/fear to use the system and of the change itself. However, this was overcome by the development of some internal training programs to demonstrate how simple the system is to use.


How did you find the implementation process with Hammertech?

From a management point of view, very easy. The guys at HammerTech were able to talk me through any issues and when I had a suggestion on how to improve, or changes as a result of feedback received these were implemented without any problems.


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