Investing In A Sustainable, Paperless Future Of Construction

Investing In A Sustainable, Paperless Future Of Construction

With a strong top down safety culture and a Managing Director with a clear vision to invest in the best software and equipment, Pitts Design and Construction are setting up their HSEQ foundations in order to grow and scale, and strive for continuous improvement.

Whilst COVID-19 brought many challenges to the construction industry with many business’ unable to weather the storm, Pitts are a good news story to rise from the ashes of a global pandemic. Founded in the peak of the pandemic, the Pitts team successfully navigated their way through market volatility, amongst other external factors, to come out the other side and are extremely proud of their success and growth to date.

Honesty, transparency and the ability to provide complete visibility across all stages of a project are the key pillars to their relationship and collaboration model, setting them apart with their clients and contractors. This model has proven successful in solidifying their reputation as a builder in the retail, fuel and fast food sectors who are easy to deal with and who pride themselves on their proven track record of delivering high quality projects.


Why HammerTech?

Pitts Managing Director, Michael Pitts, believes safety culture is a top down responsibility and as part of the companies’ continuous improvement strategy, it is important to invest in the best now, to ensure the business can build and grow, efficiently, in the future. Implementing HammerTech complements this strategy, setting up strong HSEQ foundations as a proactive measure, rather than sitting back and waiting for a reactive roll out. 
Pitts also has ambitious sustainability targets towards becoming a paperless construction company as part of their Paper Zero strategy. “Advocating and leading change towards becoming paperless presents many challenges, however when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, change must happen. The partnership with HammerTech removes the pain as we improve our HSEQ systems that require large amounts of paper; printing being very time consuming.

“Superseding a paper based system that is generally considered the norm with HammerTech- a centrally based portal for our project teams and contractors to upload and access e-files, further advances us closer towards achieving our Paper Zero goal and reduces our environmental footprint”, says Michael Pitts.

Improving accountability and compliance across all HSEQ requirements as a company and with their subcontractors is a high priority for Pitts and in order to achieve this, they understand the importance of visibility anywhere anytime. HammerTech enables them to achieve this without having to be onsite. 

Real time staff, contractor, project and company HSEQ data is being utilised to capture trends in order to make informed decisions and take necessary actions to ensure safety performance and culture are maintained to the highest level. 


Prior to HammerTech Pitts were storing data in multiple spreadsheets, across multiple folders. Manual error was common and the delay in getting the information meant analysis of data and the identification of trends was lagging. “If I wanted to look at data for the current month, I had to wait for the month to end, ensure everyone had updated all of the data in the spreadsheets at month end, and then allow a few weeks to get the data pushed out into usable reports. HammerTech is a far more proactive approach. All the data is in one spot and I can view in real time at any point with no delay, and reduce the risk of manual errors”, Michael explains. 
Along with the benefits of real time data and achieving sustainability targets, Pitts are passionate about streamlining the, often-time-consuming, onboarding and induction processes for their contractors. 

“HSEQ and sustainability are key priorities for our business. We know we need to invest in our company systems now to build the foundations to enable us to continually improve, because if you are not always looking to improve, you can very quickly fall by the wayside”, Michael stated. 

About Pitts Design and Construction


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Founded: 2021


Began using HammerTech: 2023


Location: Perth, WA


Specialty: Construction, refurbishment, fit-outs

Pitts Design and Construction provides industry-leading building services and innovative construction solutions with the ability to deliver a diverse range of projects that vary in complexity. 

Our services are based on three core divisions: construction, refurbishment and fit-outs delivering projects across, retail, fuel, fast food, childcare, industrial, commercial office and health sectors. 

With our extensive design and construction experience we promote a proactive and collaborative approach towards each project. We share the vision and inspire the direction for our clients, committed to working together to achieve shared goals. We pride ourselves on delivering projects safely, on time, on budget and to the highest quality. 

The Pitts Design and Construction difference is defined by our high performing energising culture and project first mentality which is underpinned by our I.L.I.T.E values: Integrity, Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork and Excellence, that translates to high quality project delivery which goes above and beyond our clients expectations.


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