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Construction startup, Kapitol, uses cutting-edge technology to benefit their workforce and the industry

After nearly two decades with construction giant Multiplex, Andrew Deveson and David Caputo decided to start Kapitol Group in March 2018. The fast-growing construction company has two main focuses:

  1. Applying tech-based innovations and solutions to save its clients time and money while improving safety and quality outcomes, and
  2. Investing in the training and development of its people.

With a focus on construction innovation, and because of their industry experience, Deveson and Caputo were able to set up their company with the best tools available. That included introducing HammerTech to manage its HSE and numerous suppliers and subcontractors.




Metrics at a Glance




Drop in laceration injuries since implementing HammerTech # of site inspections carried out from Jul 2022-Jul 2023 # of task observation inspections carried out from Jul 2022-Jul 2023   


The Challenge

A startup has many hurdles. Initially, it was just former Multiplex colleagues Deveson and Caputo. Their first employee was an estimator. They did not secure their first client until June 2018 which was to install a gate at RMIT for $160,000. Since then, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate – built on a platform of using the best available digital tools as well as a focus on its employees to provide them with the best available training.

It has not been an easy path for Kapitol Group, starting not long before the Covid pandemic and then be subject to the significant number of lockdowns in Victoria which affected every industry, including construction.

Deveson and Caputo used the industry shutdowns as an opportunity to increase their focus on staff training. This training has continued after lockdowns and is a primary focus of the group. “You can get paid everywhere. We wanted to be the best place to work. We want to make ourselves an exceptional company,” says Deveson.

Post Covid, the construction industry has been significantly impacted by supply chain issues. 

“Our biggest challenge is ensuring we have a positive safety culture on all our sites which leads to providing a better experience for everyone,” says Grainne Moore, Kapitol Group’s HSE Manager.


The Focus

The focus for Kapitol Group when introducing HammerTech as part of its construction tech stack was:

  • Having a tool that is adaptable enough to be rolled out to large as well as smaller sites, no matter what the sector
  • Show commitment and ensuring accountability for health, safety, and quality above industry standards.
  • Putting more information in the hands of subcontractors and site teams so they can make data-driven decisions
  • Enable staff and subcontractors to be more effective in their roles and spend more time in the field rather than on admin processes


The Solution

Since its inception, Kapitol Group has been known for using cutting-edge technology and HammerTech was an integral part of its founding tech stack.

“From day one we have been able to compete on the same footing as some really big construction companies as well as being able to optimise our projects to deliver better outcomes for our clients when it comes to safety and quality,” Moore said.

Kapitol Group has an ongoing process of introducing HammerTech to its subcontractors which often includes integrating some of their processes and procedures into its system.

HammerTech enables Kapitol Group to input a large amount of data and get feedback in real time. “It enables us to collaborate better with teams as well chase safety outcomes to deliver a project,” says Moore.

“We run workshops to gauge high risk. We go through the methodology as a group with all stakeholders at the table. This usually includes representatives from subcontractors as well as consultants. We look at how we as a group are going to undertake the task and identify areas for improvement in a consultative and collaborative manner.”


The Results

“Prior to having an online system, safety was managed in 12/13 folders which had reams of paper and templates in them. Having an online system enables us to look at data – both project-specific and aggregating it so we can see how we are working as a company and make adjustments as we grow,” says Moore.  

One of the best ways to evaluate the success of using HammerTech is to provide some examples of data-driven analysis. 

As Moore explains: “A couple of years ago HammerTech enabled us to identify a worrying trend of construction staff getting lacerations to their hands and dust and debris in their eyes. We subsequently implemented a trial of rolling out gloves and glasses on projects. We found after evaluating and measuring its effectiveness there was an 80% drop in laceration injuries to staff on site. This was a great way of not just identifying something that we needed to improve on but putting it in place and being able to measure its effectiveness.”

Another example has been the use of cranes on site. Kapitol implemented a number of new permits within the HammerTech system because it wanted to ensure a higher level of attention paid to this area.

Kapitol has also implemented Irongate Solutions' facial recognition systems on turnstiles at several sites. “This has been really important to us as it enables us to expand the applicability of the platform into other areas,” said Moore.

“Traditionally safety has been a one-sided conversation. At Kapitol we are trying to change that through a collaborative and consultative approach which helps us build to a higher standard.”

About Kapitol Group


Established: 2018

Began using HammerTech: 2019

Kapitol Group is one of Australia’s fastest growing, privately owned construction companies. Started just five years ago, the company has approximately a $700m pipeline. High tech industrial projects are the largest part of the business but their portfolio also includes education, commercial, and residential.

Directors Andrew Deveson and David Caputo founded the company in March 2018 after both had risen to senior management positions with one of Australia’s largest construction companies, Multiplex.

Location: Melbourne

Specialty: Construction, Project Management, Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Value Management, Design and Construct, Early Contract Involvement, Fitout, and Buildability.