Greater Insights Spur Evans Built Success

Greater Insights Spur Evans Built Success

“Staff are talking more openly about safety and compliance, because they have the data at their fingertips.”

Evans Built, headquartered on the Sunshine Coast, Australia is a family owned and operated business with a passion for the local community and a history of reliability and stability. Committed to delivering quality projects seamlessly and efficiently, Evans Built has established a reputation for continuous improvement which led to their recent adoption of HammerTech’s HSEQ platform.


Metrics At A Glance




Hours per week saved chasing missing documents Hours per week saved driving between construction sites Hours spent scanning documents   


The Challenge

The gap between paperwork being completed on site then being recorded and logged at the office created difficulty with accessing quality, timely and relevant data. 

Teams were spending valuable time scanning paper records or following disjointed paper trails to access important information, when a digital approach would place information easily and quickly at their fingertips. 

Another major issue was the availability of robust lead indicators. Without timely access to these, decision-making was compromised. Management at head office were without a clear and continuous overview of site activity, prompting avoidable site visits and undermining decision-making. 

The team needed another solution specifically for HSE to help overcome record keeping and efficiency issues with subcontractor management, inductions, SWMS, sign-in/sign-out, inspections, equipment management, toolbox talks and related reporting. Evans Built was already using construction management software, Procore, and a new solution needed to be complimentary with a robust integration that avoided splitting HSE processes over multiple tools.

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The Solution

While confident that site teams were operating safely, Evans Built recognised the need to deliver on their mission of continuous improvement. The choice to adopt the HammerTech platform was driven by a desire for:



“Between Procore’s document control, project management, and quality, and HammerTech’s best in class HSE management, we now have two systems working side by side that complement each other. We have everything covered”, said Evans Built Project Manager, Clarence Perrett.  

Perrett said an additional benefit was HammerTech’s deep knowledge of Australian compliance requirements, which ensured the software comprehensively addressed what was needed on Evans Built sites. 

The decision to invest in new solutions requires a good understanding of the value of solving top issues and expected return on investment. This assessment was easy for Evans Built. “I'd previously worked with HammerTech, and it seemed to be a bit of a no-brainer from my end”, explained Perrett. “We were able to justify the financial side of the HSE system pretty quickly. We talked about the cost we were spending in areas that HammerTech was going to save us pretty much immediately from archiving and scanning to just generally the quality of data and timeliness of decision making.

"We use it to log everything from the individual induction process and general induction on site, to signing on the SWMS, daily toolbox talks, undertaking inspections, signing on to equipment, and ensuring equipment is registered and ready for use on site. Having all that HSE information and data in one collated environment that is readily accessible on site…helps us to close a lot of the loops.”


The Results

Evans Built has seen immediate benefits since adopting the HammerTech HSE platform. With sign-ons, inductions and incidents logged and visible in real-time, the company has a clearer picture of what is happening across projects and can pick up early warning of potential issues. Staff are talking more openly about safety and compliance, because they have the data at their fingertips. “It is really helping to close a lot of the gaps in our understanding about incidents and injury and management of these throughout the company”, says Clarence. “And the software ensures workers can’t complete inductions without having completed certain steps”. 

The technology is even making it easier to win new business. Many government tenders, for example, require specific data (e.g. number of subcontractor hours on a typical project) and that information is now more readily accessible and constantly updated. 

Perrett said it was pleasing to see how well the HammerTech offering integrated with and complemented the Procore platform, further enhancing Evans Built’s management systems. “The efficiencies we are making now in not having to archive and scan paperwork, and the superior data, means HammerTech pays for itself”, says Clarence. “And from a personal perspective I am also not having to travel out to sites as much to follow things up. I think I’m probably saving two-three hours of site time a week, maybe more”. 


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About Evans Built

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Founding date: 2011

Began using HammerTech: May 2021

Family owned and operated, with a passion for our local community, Evans Built is a private company firmly grounded in the construction and project management arena. We value our standing as commercial builders with a history of reliability and stability.  

Directors Sean Evans and Lee Ferguson have extensive industry experience and hold reputations for honesty, integrity and fair dealing.  We strive for efficient, dispute-free project deliveries and embrace optimism, enthusiasm and respect across our operations. 

As a collective, our cohesive team offers a wealth of technical knowledge, industry experience and solidarity. It is the strength, confidence and proven expertise of our people that supports the Evans Built name, a constant for quality service.

Location: Mooloolaba, Qld 

Specialty: Construction; Project Management; Design Management