Capabuild Streamlines HSEQ Processes and Performance with HammerTech

Capabuild Streamlines HSEQ Processes and Performance with HammerTech

The fitout and refurbishment contractor Capabuild prides themselves on their collaborative and transparent approach to project management. The team sought to take a similar approach to HSEQ (health, safety, environment, and quality) management and compliance, and required the aid of a digital data and documentation platform to do so.

Metrics at a Glance



Approximate hours a week gained across operations HammerTech supports ISO audits and certifications with HSEQ data visibility


The Challenge 

Before implementing HammerTech solutions, Capabuild was reliant on manual and paper-based processes. These antiquated processes affected subcontractor inductions, the collection of vital paperwork such as licenses, construction white cards, and the movement of staff across their sites.

Without an effective management system, project teams struggled to accurately manage operational and HSEQ requirements. Rather than focus on delivering client projects, site managers spent time checking compliance of inductions, manually photocopying paperwork, and tracking personnel hours.

Manual recordkeeping also impacted the accuracy and availability of vital project information. Manually inputting data increased the risk of inaccuracy and decreased the visibility across sites and to the head office.

Capabuild’s paper-based datasets were stored in a silo, limiting the ability to aggregate data meant to provide insights into productivity and other performance metrics. The limited access was especially evident when reporting site diary hours and incident tracking using spreadsheets.

“[We] wanted to streamline the efficiency of processes and improve consistency between site and office operations. [Before HammerTech], the insights and visibility across sites and head office was severely limited.” - Joe Casamento, HSEQ Manager, Capabuild

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The Focus

Capabuild sought a solution to replace manual and paper-based processes both on-site and in the office. Key priorities for a solution included:

  1. Streamline operational processes and improve data sharing and collaboration between site and office staff.
  2. Improve the auditing process as well as the collection, recording, and reporting of data, especially during safety walks and site inspections.
  3. Enhance tracking of HSEQ KPIs (key performance indicators) to improve governance and compliance, ensuring ISO obligations are met today and in the future. 


“The data HammerTech’s system provides is invaluable for better visibility of operational and workforce information, such as labour hours, safety incidents, and quality assurance checks." - Joe Casamento, HSEQ Manager, Capabuild


The Solution

The introduction of HammerTech transformed Capabuild’s way of working. Capabuild inductions are now completed with HammerTech’s cloud-based system, a centralised data and documentation platform. The platform is accessible from anywhere, whether on-site or in the office, and by anyone, whether site crew or stakeholders.

Capabuild uses the HammerTech platform to streamline and digitise many operational processes. Modules for personnel (inductions, licenses), SWMS (safe work method statements), inspections, bulletins, meetings, observation, and defect tracking are highly useful for project teams. 

Additionally, COVID-19 management was much easier to monitor with HammerTech’s capability to track vaccination records, touchless sign-in/out, and contact tracing.




The Results

Capabuild’s site inductions and approvals have increased. Site managers now spend less time processing, managing, and approving induction paperwork. The digitised induction process captures more valuable data and processes approvals quicker, allowing subcontractors to get started on-site almost immediately.

With the increased data capture and visibility, Capabuild’s management can analyse HSEQ & operational performance in real-time. The team now proactively manages site performance, reviews risk exposure, and mitigates any issues.

The continuous storing of information and data acts as valuable evidence during Capabuild’s auditing examinations, serving as proof of compliance for ISO certifications.


Site team results: 
  • Less time spent handling paperwork and more time spent managing site
  • Increase in site inductions and approvals
  • Subcontractors get started on-site much quicker
Office and management results:
  • More accessible information allows management to analyse HSEQ & operational performance in real-time
  • Improved data enables better risk and operational management
  • Collected data supports audits and demonstrates ISO certification compliance


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About Capabuild


Founding Date: June 2014

Began using HammerTech: January 2021

Capabuild specialises in fitout and refurbishment, creating spaces that allow people and businesses to thrive. Proudly independent, their collaborative and transparent approach helps to create a shared foundation of trust, respect, and understanding, enhancing project outcomes for all. Guided by their management team they are united in creating a value-driven workplace that is inclusive, hard-working, respectful, and most importantly, enjoyable.

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Specialty: Fitout and refurbishment