What to Look for in Construction Safety Software? How to Find the Right Construction Safety App

What to Look for in Construction Safety Software? How to Find the Right Construction Safety App

Safer, smarter job sites should be the goal of every modern construction company. And to achieve this goal, a functional safety software is an essential tool. 

But not all safety software is created equal. There's plenty of options out there in the marketplace, but it’s hard to know what you need to look for in a safety management software.  

We’re here to answer all your questions and lay out exactly what you need to consider when choose safety software for your construction business. Here’s what you need to know about safety software. 


What is Safety Software?  

Once considered cutting edge, construction safety software is now a critical component of modern construction operations.  

With safety software, you can digitize your safety operations and do away with cumbersome paper documents. It allows workers, supervisors and executives to manage everyday workflows like enrollments, orientations, JHAs, permits, and pre-start checklists seamlessly.  

But digitizing your data is just the first step. There are plenty of safety apps to choose from, with many specialized programs offering individual services. And while adopting multiple construction safety apps may not seem like a bad idea, it can isolate your processes and impede collaboration across the job site. Making sure your data communicates and syncs up with your on-site operations is the key. 


The Danger of Siloed Safety Operations 

Having one piece of software for your orientations, one for your checklists, and a completely different app for workers to sign in on-site is less than ideal.  

It’s no better than the paper documents and bulky binders that modern safety operations need to evolve from. Having your safety processes spread out amongst siloed applications for things like inspections, incident management and inductions is a costly, hazardous process.  

Why? Because disjointed construction safety apps create a dangerous disconnect between your workers and your data. And your workers need to be at the core of your safety operations. 


The Importance of Synced, Centralized Software  

Construction businesses need a network that links what’s happening on-site to the data that matters. That’s the definition of safety in today’s construction business environment, and that’s the advantage of a comprehensive safety software like HammerTech – it keeps your operations completely in sync.  

HammerTech gives you real-time insights on every aspect of your operations. It turns every piece of data in your system into a valuable point of reference. 

For instance, a QR code you’ve incorporated into your on-site operations can become so much more than a tool to track work registrations and protocols. 

With a comprehensive safety software for construction, it becomes a touchpoint for the worker scanning that particular QR code – syncing that worker’s task list, their permits, and their telematic data with what is happening on-site.  

In the case of an emergency, something as simple as a sign-in on-site becomes an instant connection to a worker’s medical records and their emergency contact details. And every other signed-in worker can be instantly alerted to incidents and safety concerns as they happen. 

That’s the difference with HammerTech – your data isn’t just digital records. It communicates, connecting your processes and workflows. When all your safety operations are connected in real-time, your entire business can be proactive, not reactive.  


What Are the Big Picture Benefits of Centralized Safety Software? 

 Adopting an all-in-one construction safety platform like HammerTech can have outstanding impacts on every aspect of your construction business, from on-site operations to your bottom line. 

With such a powerful tool that allows workers, supervisors and executives to access important data in an instant, our software can increase job site productivity by 43%.  

Our online orientations help you certify your workforce fast and reduce incidents by 60%. You can receive and certify training, certification, and insurance information from the start, so you have the right resources for the right work on-site. 

And HammerTech’s powerful insights make it easier than ever to achieve your long-term goals. With the ability to harness hundreds of data points, you can validate your project budgets and schedules with precise, accurate reporting.  

It’s a comprehensive construction safety software in every sense, ensuring that your people, site activities and workflows stay connected without creating additional work. It gives everyone access to the insights they need, from a worker’s personal safety information to overall on-site activity.  

It makes your data make the most sense – which is exactly what construction safety software should do.