Vaccination Tracking

Helping construction teams make productivity gains within the new norm. 


Reduce Costs of Vaccine Tracking 

Time is money and the less administrative time spent on tracking vaccines, the better. Real-time dashboards save time and drastically reduce the risk of fines. 

Simplify Vaccine Tracking 

Save time and be compliant with new workplace vaccine and COVID-19 testing mandates.

See how HammerTech empowers workers to give you real-time accurate compliance rates of attestations,  vaccinations, and more.

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Your safety and operational needs have shifted.

Hammertech's Safety Platform adapted to the new norm to keep your teams safe and sites open. 

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Empower Workers to Track Vaccine Status or Tests

Workers snap a photo and update their latest vaccine status, attestation, records, or negative tests confidentially. Manage digitally, save time and increase productivity.

Prevent Non-Compliant Workers From Entering Jobsites

Flag workers with potential COVID-19 exposure or missing or incomplete vaccine tracking or testing documentation. Reduce time locating non-compliant workers, keeping sites open, and on schedule.

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COVID Vacc Rate BI Board - Whole Good Data

Track Real-Time Vaccine Rates & Negative Test Results

See Dose 1, Dose 2, Booster, and Negative Results by employer, project, and worker. Get notifications of changes in vaccination status and COVID tests. Quickly identify gaps and address them.

Expedite Contact Tracing 

Quickly identify COVID-19 exposure risk in PowerBI. Keep workers safe and get teams back to work sooner.

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How is the data stored confidentially?

You can securely store confidential data in HammerTech. Control who has access to it, and see record access logs. 
We provide strong data security protection with encryption and firewalls and the data is stored in secure ISO27001 data centers. 

Where in the HammerTech system is this managed?
The HammerTech Sign-in Book, Personnel Management, and our proprietary PowerBI dashboards all support COVID-19 and Vaccination Management. 
Securely manage:
COVID-19 Questionnaire Responses
Vaccination Attestation Responses
COVID-19 Vaccination Records
COVID-19 Negative Test Records
/ Sign-out and Labor Hours
Personnel Tracing
Worker Contact Information

Why leading contractors choose HammerTech

Enroll. Orient. Track. Report.

Safety begins and ends with the worker.  With HammerTech, we begin with online enrollment and digital orientations and follow your safety processes, allowing you to know who is on-site, whether they are certified and licensed, if key safety actions have been completed, and to notify team members if there are safety concerns in real-time.

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“Even in contrast to procedures before COVID, so much time has been saved using the software that it just wouldn’t make sense to do it any other way.”

Heather Baker Senior Business Analyst, Davis Construction

See inside the platform

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